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Belly Wisdom: Waxing Quarter Moon in Cancer

Cancer Moon Waxing Quarter The following is a preview of exclusive Lunar Apothecary content. In addition to a year's worth of ecourse material and access to our private learning community,  twice monthly I write about astroherbology and healing in the Moonlight, the newsletter of the Lunar Apothecary. Below is a preview of this month's Moonlight content.

The Moon is growing in the sign of Cancer as we enter the month of April. The Moon is the guardian planet of the sign of Cancer, so we can expect a particularly strong flow of lunar energy washing through our psyche as we approach the shore of the crab. Within the Ninth Mansion the Moon takes time to retreat and re-balance before continuing on to Her eventual fullness. We could spend a lot of time talking about the emotional nature of a Cancer Moon - it is certainly productive and useful to learn how to communicate clearly with yourself and others what you are feeling - but sometimes you just have to feel it. So I've written up a short meditation for you to do while the Moon dreams in Cancer that focuses on the belly - the body system that the star crab guards.

Take a moment to place your hands on your belly. Fill your lungs and belly with air. Drop your awareness down from your head and into your belly. Exhale, releasing tension and resistance. Your belly holds your gut instinct, your second brain, and your true emotional nature. What do you feel when you drop your awareness down into your belly? Leave one hand on your belly and bring up the to your heart. Take a deep belly-filling, lung-expanding breath. Connect the emotional wisdom of your belly to the compass of your heart. What do you feel when you connect your intuition with your heart? Exhale, releasing fear and doubt. Move the hand from your heart to your brow, placing your palm over your third eye. Take another deep breath, connecting your well of intuition to your filter of consciousness. What do you feel when you connect your well of knowing to your third eye? Exhale, releasing blessings. Bring both hands back to your belly and take three more deep breaths.

The Moon in Cancer is an auspicious time for healers and those who serve others to check in with themselves and be honest with the amount of self-care and community-care they are receiving. For everyone, whether you play the role of healer in your community or household, we can access emotions that we tend to suppress, cover up, and push aside when the Moon is in Cancer. 

What do you need to feel that you have not given yourself space to feel all the way through?

Herbs that help us release tension, especially tension within the gut, are important. Bitters can help us access what feels bitter and difficult in our life and release it or transform it into new potential. Herbs of a bitter variety also help us pull out of states of stagnation and feeling bogged down. Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) is a gentle Cancerian bitter herb and an easy addition to many tea blends or herbal baths. Bring out the herbs and essences that bring you joy as well and remind you of your strength as you transition with Cancer - add them to your bathing waters and teas. Cancer is a sign that appreciates immersion so create healing spaces that are immerse-full - fill the house with Cancerian scents such as Sandalwood (Santalum album), make beverages of a healing variety available in each room, create mini retreat spaces out of pillows and blankets and get tucked in. You are worth every bit of your healing, clever one.

What are Moon Mansions? What is the interplay of earthly herbal healing with star wisdom? Learn more through our ecourse and online community, The Lunar Apothecary. The Moon is calling...

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