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Do you crave to live a life that feels magickal every day?

Have you ever wondered how to incorporate plant medicine and magick into your busy life but don't know how? Do you struggle to find inclusive places to learn about herbalism and magickal arts? Are there times where you ask yourself if the magickal life you want to live is even attainable? If you're here, chances are that you've asked yourself one of those questions. Don't worry, I have, too, and I'm here to help.

I offer classes and consultations to those who are looking to bring all of who they are to the table.

Folks come to me because they want a healing and magickal practice with an intersectional and social justice oriented framework. They want to live an authentically magickal life that recognizes every part of them and all of their identities as sacred. My intersectionality, and the reason I do the work that I do, arises from my lived experience as a gender-free queer and mix-d womyn and practicing witch. Herbalism and magick came into my life at the same time - and I quickly realized the transformative powers of both to help me navigate my world with a steady compass. I knew instantly that I was called to be a magick-maker and of service to folks on their healing path.

I started teaching magickal arts when I was 19 with my first tarot class. A few years later I spoke to an auditorium full of high school students about what a witch really is (hint: the best way to get the attention of a bored and distracted room of teenagers is to start your speech with "Hiya, my name is Alexis and I'm a witch."). I even presented an original paper at a Harvard conference on Paganism featuring speakers such as Ronald Hutton, R. J. Stewart, and Byron Ballard. After making an attempt to try and fit myself into the corporate non-profit world (long story short: it didn't work), I began my official training as a certified professional herbalist in 2007.  I'm proud to have studied with the likes of Matthew Wood, Dori Midnight, Margi Flint, Julie James, Demetria Clark, Judith Hill, and many more. I'm a perpetually enthusiastic student! 

Fast forward a few years later and in 2010 I officially opened Worts + Cunning Apothecary. Since then I've created and sold popular herbal products, specializing in herbal powders and other alcohol-free remedies, taught at conferences (one of which I helped organize), started my online course, and written for a variety of print publications on herbal and magickal traditions.

I'm called to be of service.
Through my work I strive to create a more just, a more kind, and a more enchanted world.

In my classes and consultations I help people and plants connect in meaningful ways that allows for deep healing to occur. From tarot to astroherbology to moon magick and simple rituals to realign with the sacred, I'll help you connect to the full spectrum that traditional western herbalism and esoteric tradition has to offer.  

worts and cunning apothecary

Let's be real. I'm not here to heal you. You won't find any gimmicks or cure-alls in what I do. I offer something more powerful. I'm here to help you re-member (to literally put back together) your own healing power and gifts of magick. My promise to you is that I only offer what I feel is useful and profoundly healing.

The best way to stay connected with me plus get access to some exclusive free resources, is to become one of my Magick Mail subscribers - it's simple and free to do. Plus you'll get news about my latest offerings, special deals, and insider's access to the life of a working herbalist and witch.

Be sure to keep scrolling to see all that I have to offer you on your path to a more magickal life. I'm so happy you've taken the time to visit and I'm excited to keep connected with you on the adventure ahead.


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  • I facilitate an ever-expanding circle of herbal medicine and magick called The Lunar Apothecary. The Lunar Apothecary is a lifetime access private online community and ecourse where we learn about sacred herbalism with a lunar and astrological focus. The course covers remedy-making techniques, ritual creation, devotional arts, astroherbology basics, and much, much more. Is your heart fluttering with excitement? Come this way to learn more.
  • I'm a card-caster (aka tarot + oracle reader) with over 20 years of experience. I write about inventive ways to work with tarot from seasonal check-ins to time travel. I'm currently working on a new ecourse on Tarot and herbalism - it'll be available late 2017! Sign-up for updates and early bird specials!

  • I write herbal guides and recipe books filled with healing remedies, plant profiles, and magickal wit. 

  • Magick Mail is my free gift of love to you! When you sign up for free you get access to exclusive recipes, tutorials, and other inspiring content.

  • My blog features articles and resources on traditional western herbalism and living a magickal life. I blog regularly on the following topics: astroherbology, magickal arts, and living an enchanted life. 

    • ASTROHERBOLOGY is all about the celebrating and exploring the heritage of medical astrology and astrological wisdom infused in ancient and modern traditional western herbalism.

    • ENCHANTED LIFE is all about living a more magickal life guided by your truest, heart-centered desire.

    • HERBAL ARCANA is about exploring the lesser none parts of practice, philosophy, and secret remedies of the herbologists, wortcunners, plant folk, and apothecarians!

    • MAGICKAL ARTS features some of my most favorite and useful rituals, spells, and conjurations as well as ways to infuse your herbal remedies with magick.

    • PATH OF THE HERBOLOGIST explores the myriad ways that one can walk the path of the herbal healer including different paths of herbal study, how to deepen your practice, and the skills needed to create inclusive healing environments.

    • PLANT ALLIES features materia medica about our beloved allies of the plant kingdom who teach help us re-member our wholenss and their unique gifts, personalities, and stories.

    • RECIPES + TUTORIALS are for those of you who are ready to make their own healing remedies!

    • TAROT + DIVINATION is as it implies - time for tarot and divination! I've had a long-standing romance with the tarot cards since I picked them up nearly two decades ago and love making connections between magick, herbal medicine, and divinatory arts.

    • REVOLUTION and a steadfast commitment to social justice infuses all that I do in the work of creating a more just, a more kind, and a more magickal world.

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