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The best way to get in touch is the contact form below, but I've listed some of the most frequently asked questions for your convenience. Please read these before getting in touch. If I have already answered your question below you will not receive a response from me.

It usually takes me about 30 days or more to respond. Sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. There’s only one of me and lots of wonderful yous so I appreciate your patience.


Where are you located?

On traditional Maidu, Miwok, Nisenan, and Wintun lands also known as Sacramento, CA. And the internets.

What are your pronouns?

She/they. But I’m also happy with a choose your own adventure approach.

Where can I purchase Worts + Cunning Apothecary products?

All of our products are available in our shop.

Do you have an ecourse? What's it about?

I have two! One is called The Lunar Apothecary and it's a ecourse on herbal medicine and magick to help you discover the healer within. I also teach a course on the healing intersections of tarot and herbalism.

Do you teach in person?

I sure do! You can find all of my in-person events here.

Do you accept guest posts for your blog?

I do not.

How do I make tea?

Very easily. Learn how to make a proper cup of tea and a medicinal strength tea.

Do you see clients? Do you do in-person, phone or email consultations?

I am not currently taking new clients.

I have “x” condition – can you help me? Can you tell me what dosage I should use for an herb?

I recommend that you get in touch with your local herbalist to help you on your healing path. I do not do email consultations and will not respond if you're looking for medical advice. If you want to become your own herbalist, keep reading.

I want to be an herbalist. How do I learn more about herbalism?

Hurray! We need more herbalists and plant folks working as partners between people, creatures, and plants. Check out my series on the path of the herbalist for some recommendations to start and my Plant Ally Project page for some more great resources for the herbal student. Here are my favorite books for beginners. I also teach in-person classes in Sacramento. Be sure to sign-up for my Magick Mail for announcements.

I want to start an herbal business and/or need help designing tea blends - can you help?

I don’t do business consultations or provide product design services but I wish you luck in your endeavors. We need more community apothecaries and tea shops!

Do you take on apprentices?

Occasionally, but not at this moment. If you want to learn from me outside of an apprenticeship program, including answering questions, offering guidance, and generally having a good time learning about herbal medicine and magick check out my ecourse The Lunar Apothecary. I also teach in-person classes in Sacramento. Be sure to sign-up for my Magick Mail for announcements.

I want to be a witch! Can you teach me or recommend me personalized resources?

I wish I had all the time in the world to do this on an individual basis, but alas, I do not. I write about magick throughout my blog and all of my ecourses are informed by my own magickal practice, so have a scroll through my work, sign-up for a course if you like or catch me at one of my in-person events where I’m talking about all arts magickal.

Can you recommend a school for me?

No. There are new herbal study options popping up every day and I don’t keep track of them nor am I the best resource for helping you discover what sort of program is going to be the right fit for your needs. In your search take into consideration your learning style (i.e. do you need in-person support as opposed to an online self-guided program? Both are valid options.), time you have to commit to your studies, financial cost (balancing your ability to afford lessons and the need to pay teachers fairly), and the style of herbalism you’re wanting to learn. The American Herbalist Guild has a list of schools that’s not exhaustive but is a starting point.

I love your recipes! Can I have them?

Yup! In addition to the free recipes you'll find on my site, I also have an ongoing series of recipe books featuring some of the Apothecary's most popular recipes and more. Check them out here!

I heard you have a secret page full of recipes, workbooks, and magick! How do I get access?

I do have a secret page of additional content for my Magick Mail subscribers. Once you sign-up for Magick Mail you'll be given information on how to access it upon subscription and at the bottom of every newsletter.

Can you help me find and/or sell a tarot deck?

No. I only sell decks from my own collection at the moment and can’t offer tarot deck finding services. If you’re looking for an out-of-print deck my best advice to keep the search consistent and varied in the places that you look. And magick. Lots of magick.

Can I interview you for my blog? Will you guest post for my blog?

I enjoy doing interviews and guest posts depending on the theme of your blog and my availability. To invite me as a guest blogger or for an interview on your blog contact me using the form below and send me your blog information (including site stats such as monthly readership numbers, who your readers are, etc.), a short write-up of who you are, what you do, and why you're interested in having me guest blog or be interviewed. I'll get back to you to let you know of my availability if I think we're a good fit.

Dragons or unicorns?

Both. My heart is big enough.

If your question has not been answered above, get in touch. Please allow between 3 to 30 business days for a reply. And, to be perfectly honest, sometimes the wait is longer. There's only one of me and I get a lot of email.

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