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Our Top FAQs

Where can I purchase Worts + Cunning Apothecary products?

All of our products are available in our shop.

How do I make tea?

Very easily. Learn how to make a proper cup of tea and a medicinal strength tea.

Do you see clients? Do you do in-person, phone or email consultations?

I am not currently taking new clients. If you want to meet me in person or take one of my offline courses, be sure to sign-up for my Magick Mail for announcements.

I have “x” condition – can you make me something for it?

I recommend that you get in touch with your local herbalist to help you on your healing path. If you want to become your own herbalist, keep reading.

I want to be an herbologist. How do I learn more about herbalism?

Hurray! We need more herbologists + plant folks working as partners between people, creatures, and plants. Check out my series on the path of the herbalist for some recommendations to start. I also teach in-person classes in Sacramento at Redwood Community Space. Be sure to sign-up for my Magick Mail for announcements.

Do you take on apprentices?

Occasionally, but not at this moment. If you want to learn from me outside of an apprenticeship program, including answering questions, offering guidance, and generally having a good time learning about herbal medicine + magick check out the Lunar Apothecary. I also teach in-person classes in Sacramento. Be sure to sign-up for my Magick Mail for announcements.

I love your recipes! Can I have them?

Yup! In addition to the free recipes you'll find on our site, I also have an ongoing series of recipe books featuring some of the Apothecary's most popular recipes and more! Check them out here!

Can I interview you for my blog? Will you guest post for my blog?

I enjoy doing interviews and guest posts depending on the theme of your blog and my availability. To invite me as a guest blogger or for an interview on your blog contact me using the form below and send me your blog information (including site stats such as monthly readership numbers, who your readers are, etc.), a short write-up of who you are, what you do, and why you're interested in having me guest blog or be interviewed. I'll get back to you within the week (unless we're on holiday) and let you know of my availability and if I think we're a good fit.

Dinosaurs or unicorns?

Both. My heart is big enough.

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