The Lunar Apothecary is an in-depth ecourse and private online community of herbal medicine and magick to help you discover who you are as a healer.

In The Lunar Apothecary we celebrate the full-spectrum of wisdom that traditional western herbalism has to offer. The Lunar Apothecary is for you if:

  • You're ready to experience a world of lunar medicine and magick and recognize your inner changes with the changing face of the moon.

  • You seek to embody As Above, So Below in your herbal and magickal practices. 

  • You want to make herbal remedies and formulations that are both medicinal and magickal.

  • You're looking for ways to integrate your spiritual work with your healing practice in a way that is authentically you.

  • You want to incorporate astroherbology into your herbal work as part of the legacy of traditional western herbalism..

  • You're excited to create rituals that deepen your connection with you and your plant allies so you can provide powerful healing space for yourself and others.

  • You're ready to connect with a community of womyn-identified folks* in a kind and affirming community. *You determine your own gender and we are trans-inclusive, genderqueer, and non-binary inclusive. If you identify as a womyn/womxn/woman/wemoon/etc you are very, very welcome to join our circle.

  • You know it is time to step into your power as a healer!

If your heart is singing with excitement then The Lunar Apothecary is the place for you.

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What to Expect From
The Lunar Apothecary

Expect to make the connections between the healing wisdom of As Above, So Below and your herbal practice through the ancient art of astroherbalism.

Expect to work with plants in new ways, incorporating the written and spoken word to better understand the influence of the Moon and celestial energies in your life, herbal practice, and medicine-making.

Expect to learn in a way that recognizes enchantment as a tool of healing. In the Lunar Apothecary we study both medicinal and magickal Traditional Western Herbalism. Whether crafting charms or brewing tinctures, both the magickal and medicinal are given equal reverence and attention.

Expect to change and shift, opening yourself up to the cleansing and compassionate power of sacred herbology and your own inherent wisdom.

Expect to embrace all that is dark and beautiful, night-filled and starry, to fully experience the rich spectrum of a life lived not just for the bright expanse of day, but the healing mantle of night.

Expect to join a supportive sisterhood of womyn who are becoming their own magick. The Lunar Apothecary is a womyn's only space. You determine your own gender and we are trans-inclusive, genderqueer, and non-binary inclusive. If you identify as a womyn/womx/woman/wemoon/etc you are very, very welcome to join our circle.

Are you ready to take the next step as a healer and join our community?

The Lunar Apothecary is an open-enrollment course - you can join at any time! 

Payment Plan Options

Payment plan options are offered on a limited basis for those whom the cost of the Lunar Apothecary would prove a hardship. Please read my thoughts on economic justice and the sliding scale before applying for a payment plan. If you feel that you fall into the bottom half of the sliding scale, a payment plan option may be available to you and I welcome you to apply.

Apply for the Lunar Apothecary Payment Plan

Praise for The Lunar Apothecary

"Any chance to learn some of Alexis' wisdom should be grabbed at with both hands."

"I am positively overwhelmed with the information and knowledge conveyed in LA... I am only in week 1 and my mind is blown. This is exactly what I've been looking for. If you are questioning if this is the right place for you, say  Yes. I'm so glad I did. :)"

"6 weeks in and all I can say is this program is worth triple its price. Chocked full of amazing detail, folklore, clever recipes, amazing meditations, and more esoteric and astrological knowledge than you can shake a stick at. Simply amazing."

"What can one say about such a remarkable/wonderful/magical thing/course/place/mindset? Thanks a million plus one for organizing and putting together such a terrific amount of work and study into one glorious whole! We are all so much better for it. Blessings, dear Luna :)"

"Wonderful, wonderful course!!!"

"The Lunar Apothecary is the most incredibly detailed, thorough resource I could possibly imagine... There is enough material here to keep me happy for years to come! I love losing myself in the pages upon pages of Alexis' lovely words and hand-drawn ornaments. A magical powerhouse."

"Information beyond my wildest dreams!!!"

lunar apothecary

"Absolutely fabulous e-course!!!! So very interesting and educational, and fun!!! I'm amazed at the work that went into this!!"

"Wonderful e-course. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to know more about lunar magic, ritual, and herbal uses/properties!"

"Excellent. Awesome. Fabulous ecourse!" 

"Fantastic course! I can tell a lot of care and effort went into making this. She really knows her stuff. :)"

The Details

When you join The Lunar Apothecary you'll get lifetime access to join an exclusive online community full of like-minded and starry-hearted folks like you. Your membership includes a twelve month ecourse composed of monthly newsletters, pdf books, hand-drawn illustrations, and guided meditations. And I’m present to answer questions and offer weekly guidance.

The Lunar Apothecary includes:

  • A lifetime membership in our private learning community where you'll have access to community forums as well as me to ask questions and post your progress, participate in remedy-making challenges, and connect with amazing sisters and Lunar folk from around the world.
  • An ever-expanding materia medica
    • An ever-growing collection of in-depth plant profiles to use in your practice
  • Access to Moonlight: The Lunar Apothecary Newsletter
    • A bi-monthly newsletter full of lunar and herbal inspiration for as well as full of astrological musings, community conversations, and remedy-making challenges!
  • The Mansions of the Moon Guide and in-depth profiles for each one of the 28 Lunar Mansions.
    • You'll learn about the Mansions of the Moon are one of the oldest forms of astrology and how they affect lunar energy in our practice and lives. Learn how to supercharge your herbal remedies with precise lunar magick according to the Mansions of the Moon.
  • The Celestial Wheel Guide to the Moon + the Zodiac
    • You'll explore each of the twelve signs of the solar zodiac with a focus on lunar herbs and rituals, as well as mini plant profiles for each phase of the Moon within each sign. 
  • Guided journals to help you discover your unique talents and gifts as an herbalist, healer, and magick-maker.
  • Moon rituals, amulets, and charms galore incorporating herbal wisdom and magick!
  • A full library of medicine-making tutorials:
    • The Art of Teas
    • The Art of Extracts
    • The Art of Flower, Gem, + Moon Essences
    • The Art of Lunar Dreaming
    • The Art of Basic Lunar Aromatherapy
    • The Art of Formulation
    • The Art of Plant + Star Sigils
    • The Art of Magickal Herbalism
    • The Art of Herbal Powders
    • The Art of Ritual
  • FIVE 30 minute guided Moon meditations to lead you through creating your sacred lunar space to meeting your lunar plant ally.
  • And more - check out the bonuses below!

"The Apothecary is absolutely wonderful so far! So much love and effort went into this class and you can really tell. Alexis has a true passion for what she does and it shines through in all the lessons. I can't get enough of this class!"


New material added regularly! I am continually adding new material to the Lunar Apothecary from new tutorials, recipes, projects, plant profiles, including:

  • The Astroherbology series is an in-depth exploration of medical astrology in traditional western herbalism including planet and plant profiles and astroherbology tutorials to help you incorporate ancient but effective astroherbology techniques to your practice! You can preview the zodiac profiles of my astroherbology series by clicking here.
  • Recorded classes + podcasts! From crafting your own personal trance elixirs to creating an inclusive herbal practice to ritual arts, I cover a range of topics (requested by you!) in my podcasts.
  • Monthly remedy-making challenges and regular case studies to help you develop your skills as an herbalist and practitioner.
The Lunar Apothecary is full of hand-drawn magick!

The Lunar Apothecary is full of hand-drawn magick!

  • Hand-drawn illustrations and worksheets including growing and harvesting plants by the Moon, finding your Moon magick, and connecting with your plant ally.
  • Magickal tutorials on the art of divination, including reading the lunar tarot and scrying by the moon. 
  • A guide to seasonal lunar tonics for health and wellbeing.
  • The Moonrite Series to help you develop a Lunar spiritual practice for yourself and your community, including a guide for hosting Moon Tent Revivals full of herbal magick + medicine!
  • All of my current and forthcoming ebooks including:

Or How The Lunar Apothecary is Structured

The Lunar Apothecary is an open-enrollment course - you can join at any time! 

  • The Lunar Apothecary is open to womyn-identified* students from all over the world. *You determine your own gender and we are trans-inclusive, genderqueer, and non-binary inclusive. If you identify as a womyn/womxn/woman/wemoon/etc in any way you are very, very welcome to join our circle.

  • Your lifetime membership to the Lunar Apothecary includes have access to all of the course material for life. 
  • Upon entry into The Lunar Apothecary you shall receive regular lesson guides facilitating you through the course material each month.
  • You work through the course at your own pace. I have structured it so that you can follow along a twelve-month course, but you can move at a quicker or slower pace depending on your needs and time available. There are no grades or assignments to turn in, but there are plenty of tutorials, worksheets, remedy-making challenges, and lesson guides to study and deepen your practice with.
  • You can connect with other wise Lunas in the forums! I am present in the forums to answer questions which is great when you're wanting an experienced herbalist's insight, are looking for resources recommendations or are curious about a remedy-making technique.
  • New course material is posted regularly and announced via newsletter and in our forums.
  • In addition to your lesson guides every two weeks, you will receive a bi-monthly edition of Moonlight: The Lunar Apothecary Newsletter.
  • All the material from The Lunar Apothecary is yours to keep and use and love forever and ever.

What Students Are Saying:

"This course has an incredible wealth of information! I am enjoying it very much and slowly working my way through. I was blown away by how much valuable information is here. It is clear that it is a labour of love the way that is was created and complied. I highly recommend it! Wonderful course! Beautifully put together!"

"Amazing. So much thought and energy was put into the class."

"It is an amazing course. Highly recommend."

image via jessrunsforcoffee

"Way more value than what was paid. This woman has inspired course work and is such a contribution to us newbies who are just starting out in our exploration of herbal knowledge. Thank you!"

"This course is amazing. I have learned so much and now have a rhythm to my medicine making."


Are you ready to say yes to your magick?

Your lifetime access to The Lunar Apothecary learning community and ecourse with tons of bonuses is only $297!

The Lunar Apothecary is an open-enrollment course - you can join at any time! 

By purchasing this membership, you agree:

  • To receive over $600 worth of learning material, online classes, ebooks, and more for only $297!
  • To join a community of starry-hearted womyn* and form community with Lunas all over the world. *You determine your own gender and we are trans-inclusive, genderqueer, and non-binary inclusive. If you identify as a womyn/woman/wemoon/womxn/etc you are very, very welcome to join our circle.
  • You have read and understand the membership guidelines and rules, and you understand that failure to abide by the guidelines and rules will result in suspension or removal of your Lunar Apothecary account, without warning or refund.
  • You understand that there are there are NO refunds for the Lunar Apothecary.
Please allow up to 36 business hours for confirmation of your purchase from us and to receive an invitation to join our private learning community.

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