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Everything We Need is Here

"The plants don't speak as one voice, but essentially they "say" that they are here to help and guide us in healing ourselves. They teach that everything we need is already here. They guide us to be who we came here to be, both individually and as a species, and to share our gifts of beauty freely, for the benefit of all, as they do.

There is a heartbreaking amount of deathing going on in our time, and it will continue. However, just beneath the surface there is a great rebirthing happening from within people, and it will become more and more visible over time. We are each more than we seem to be. The time we live in is full of promise, and many people are feeling the call to fall back in love with life on Earth.  Choose to renew and pursue your sense of connection with the immanent Spirit that is within everything on Earth, for Earth holds the key to opening your heart to joy, and joy awakens your spiritual wisdom."

an excerpt from Robin Rose Bennett

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