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Dandelions + Devotions

Hiya, clever ones!

Delightful heartsongs, have you started to sense the stirring of spring within you? The tremblings of revolution singing songs of change? How are you making space to explore these stirrings and shakings? I have a few herbs that I make sure to use with greater consistency in my own herbal blends during the spring. Click below to meet some of my favorite spring herbs!

Feeling especially revolutionary these days, clever one? Then let me introduce you to Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale).

The healing gifts of Dandelion are many earning it the title in classic materia medicas of panacea which is from the Greek for heal-all or remedy for all complaints. The Dandelion is a modern symbol of revolution representing the powers of resistance and radical transformation. Go and check out Dandelion growing in the alley, breaking up concrete and stretching its taproot down to the crystal core of earth.

Magick-makers, use Dandelion in your protest magick, both for magick and effectively spreading your message far and wide, beyond the control of those who would see your stories silenced (think about the puff ball seeds of Dandelion spreading out far and wide). If you are cityfolk, think about how Dandelion grows in disturbed soil and sidewalk cracks - connect with her taproot grounding and seed flying energy when engaged in city living. Learn Dandelion's ability to rewild urban spaces and to bring wild green hope to everyone's hood.

Consider how Dandelion can help us break up and release the stories we've been told and the microaggressions we deal with on a daily basis - powerful magick + healing, clever ones.  Read more about Dandelion's magickal and healing qualities.

What else? I'm finishing up the last few details on my new ebook which isn't about herbal medicine - and yet it is. 

Devotion: A Workbook for Devotional Practice is a completely hand-written and illustrated workbook to help you discover the foundations of your most ideal and desirous devotional practice. It is for those who are seeking to create from scratch or re-dream their devotional practice. But what the heck do I think devotion is and why is it connected to herbology?

Devotion is the art of building, sustaining, and remaining accountable in relationship to your self and those you seek to relate to. As an herbologist I am in relation with my plant kin. As a Witch + Pagan, I am in relation to my God/dess/es, spirits of the land, and my Ancestors. 

Devotion will be released later this month (my Magick Mail readers are getting a discount this month for all of my ebooks - sign-up to get your discount!) - I can't wait to share it with you!

Do you have a devotional practice? Share your devotional practice in the comments below!

P.S. Groove to the easy breeze of Dandelion-inspired sounds...

Everything We Need is Here

"The plants don't speak as one voice, but essentially they "say" that they are here to help and guide us in healing ourselves. They teach that everything we need is already here. They guide us to be who we came here to be, both individually and as a species, and to share our gifts of beauty freely, for the benefit of all, as they do.

There is a heartbreaking amount of deathing going on in our time, and it will continue. However, just beneath the surface there is a great rebirthing happening from within people, and it will become more and more visible over time. We are each more than we seem to be. The time we live in is full of promise, and many people are feeling the call to fall back in love with life on Earth.  Choose to renew and pursue your sense of connection with the immanent Spirit that is within everything on Earth, for Earth holds the key to opening your heart to joy, and joy awakens your spiritual wisdom."

an excerpt from Robin Rose Bennett

Trance Dance: Limited Edition Remedies for Betwixt + Between

Spring! Hurray! 

Do you ever get dizzy off the sudden drenching fragrance that hits the air, carried by wild March winds down alleys and riversides, across park benches and through open windows? I sure do! In addition to ambitious garden plans, a few new books, and expanding the Lunar Apothecary into a year-long program, I've fallen in love with creating limited edition remedies! We have two new remedies in the shop that include some of my favorite trance-inducing plants. 



is moon-blessed and THRICE-ENCHANTED, acting as an agent of adventure to worlds betwixt and between. Created with traditional herbs of the HEDGERIDERS. A chance to trance in every drop! 

hedgerider sacred trance oil


was brewed according to LUNAR + STELLAR energies, blessed + tested by dancers of the trance, + bottled with sorcerous song. Use to induce FLIGHTS OF THE SPIRIT + journeys of the hedge + hallow.


Both are available individually or together as our TRANCE DANCE Remedy Kit! Once we sell out we will not be creating another batch for sale - these are magickal, get-them-before-they're-gone remedies.

Visit our shop to purchase your own fully enchanted remedies.


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