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The year ahead for the fully enchanted world of the Apothecary...

I'm back from my winter travels - including moving house from Long Beach to Sacramento, CA! Heck yeah!

I never thought I would live in northern CA, but I feel pretty lucky these days to be in such a lovely city surrounded by trees, mountains, and valleys. Basil, the Apothecary hound, is somewhat unsure about the rain (I think he thinks we're trying to trick him into an outside shower) but he has a new big yard full of trees to run around in so he just got his own personal dog park. I've already been mapping out my explorations of the city by visiting all the tea, coffee, and book shops. Any suggestions? Be sure to comment below!

So what does 2016 hold for the Apothecary?

  • In-person classes!

    • One of the great things about Sacramento is that there are a lot more accessible teaching spaces (including the possibilities of an urban farm - but more on that later!) which means I'll be teaching in-person classes again, including some exciting new Califia Collective projects. Check out a sampling of my previous offerings on my Classes page. My Magick Mail subscribers get early sign-up access for all of my classes as well as recipes, tutorials, and freebies in their brand-new secret subscriber's-only page (keep scrolling to learn more).

  • More Plant Ally Projects!

    • The Plant Ally Project: Thirty Day Challenge is one of my most popular blog posts of all time! The feedback has been great and folks have been sharing their journeys with the hashtag #PlantAllyProject. I'll be posting new Plant Ally Projects throughout the year including figuring out what your indispensable herbs are and creating home apothecaries.

  • More stars!

    • My Astroherbology series has been super popular hit with readers which I'm thrilled about because I love writing about stars and plants! I'll be finishing up my zodiac profiles this spring. Start your journey through the amazing world of medical astrology with an herbal focus with my introduction to astroherbology.

  • Growing the new Magick Mail Members-Only Page!

    • I just started the new not-so-super-secret Magick Mail Members Area that you get exclusive access to just for joining my mailing list. It'll feature exclusive mini ecourses, recipes, worksheets, and more! I've already uploaded labels for you to use for your herbal creations and will be posting one of my favorite vinegar-based herbal recipes (hint: it'll help you be tough as nails) later this month.

  • More recipes + tutorials!

    • I'm growing my popular recipes + tutorials section of the blog, starting this month with some of my favorite vinegar-based recipes. You can find some of my favorite recipes, including my most beloved herbs for starting the day, in my fine collection of ebooks.

  • Continued expansion of the Lunar Apothecary!

    • My in-depth and in-expensive ecourse and exclusive learning community is one of my favorite spaces to dwell on the web. Clever ones, if you're looking to connect with herbal medicine and magick in a way that invites you to step into your power and celebrate your unique qualities as an herbalist, the Lunar Apothecary is for you. I, along with a circle of wise-ones, am available to answer questions, offer insights, and help guide you on your journey. There are medicine-making tutorials, plant profiles, guided meditations, bi-monthly newsletters, explorations of astroherbology, community forums, and tons of recipes and rituals with new content adding regularly throughout the year. And at a little more than $10 a month with the option of payment plans for folks who are in financial need, it's a space that I've purposefully priced low to keep it accessible. Sign-up today!

  • I'll be opening up my small private-practice again to new herbal clients.

    • During the latter half of the year I'll be taking on new private herbal clients which I haven't done for quite some time, but I'm excited to open my practice again to new folks!

Tarot Apothecary.png
  • The premier of the Tarot Apothecary!

    • I am working on a new ecourse that'll be available later this year! The Tarot Apothecary is all about the art of Tarot combined with herbal medicine and magick. Curious? Check out my Tarot Herbology series that I wrote for Little Red Tarot to get a taste of what we might learn when we combine the sacred art of card-casting and plant medicine. Be the first to learn about the Tarot Apothecary (plus some special discounts for the course when it premiers) by signing up for my Magick Mail.

How exciting is all that!?

I'll be back to my regular posting blog posting schedule by the end of the month, including my newest Astroherbology profile on Capricorn! What are you excited about in 2016? Comment below! 

Whatever adventures you get up to this year I wish you well on your journey, I hope you get all the tea you need to keep you warm and nourished as you travel, and may you always remember your wisdom wherever you find yourself.


Everything We Need is Here

"The plants don't speak as one voice, but essentially they "say" that they are here to help and guide us in healing ourselves. They teach that everything we need is already here. They guide us to be who we came here to be, both individually and as a species, and to share our gifts of beauty freely, for the benefit of all, as they do.

There is a heartbreaking amount of deathing going on in our time, and it will continue. However, just beneath the surface there is a great rebirthing happening from within people, and it will become more and more visible over time. We are each more than we seem to be. The time we live in is full of promise, and many people are feeling the call to fall back in love with life on Earth.  Choose to renew and pursue your sense of connection with the immanent Spirit that is within everything on Earth, for Earth holds the key to opening your heart to joy, and joy awakens your spiritual wisdom."

an excerpt from Robin Rose Bennett

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