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Tarot Stella: A Limited Run Remedy Kit

Whether you've been following my blog since the Apothecary (5 years this summer!) or have just found your way here (welcome!), you might already know that I sold remedies in-person and online for nearly all of that time before retiring my remedy shop last October. 

Closing my remedy shop has been a great change of pace and allowed me to not only focus on my online course offerings and experiments in remedy-making, but getting back to teaching in person, including co-teaching a five month apprenticeship program this past spring.

Watercolor paper ready to be labeled with names of essences...

Watercolor paper ready to be labeled with names of essences...

But, gosh, sometimes I miss sending packages full of herbal magick out into the world. 

So, because I think you're pretty swell and I know that many of you have been wanting another chance to purchase a few special remedies from the Apothecary, I'm offering a limited-run Tarot Stella Remedy Kit. You see, clever friends, the art of tarot and herbalism have gone hand-in-hand for me since the beginning. I've been reading cards for nearly two decades and working with herbs magickally for just as long and medicinally for over half that time. I always love the opportunity to combine both of them which is why I'm also building a brand new course exploring the world of tarot and herbalism (more on that adventure later this summer...). The kits are called Tarot Stella in homage to one of my favorite cards in the deck - La Stella or the Star - which embodies the mindful wonderbliss I hope these kits will help you access. 

It is from my love of cards, plants, and stars that I'm offering the Tarot Stella Remedy Kit.

Here's the details:

I’ll read your cards to offer guidance with the goal of helping you connect with your inner wisdom and plug into, change-up or release current patterns of energy in your life.

{Tarot Stella} is very unique, and work so well together that I find myself enjoying connecting with my essences and the messages from them and the reading daily as I work through the sticky parts of life.
— MC

Based on your desires for where you want more clarity in your life, I’ll pull three cards to help illuminate your path. I have been reading tarot cards for myself and other for nearly two decades. My reading style includes the mundane and magickal, focusing on the energy blockages and flow in your life whether they show up in your professional or personal relationships, spiritual desires, life goals, personal and business development, healing needs or your most brave dreams. I use a variety of decks in my practice, so I will intuitively choose the one that feels the most excited with connecting with your story! 

The reading was very insightful and it was especially helpful to get a reading from someone who doesn’t know me. It had a perspective I never would have come up with reading on my own.
— AM
Some of the essences I've made on my travels around North America...

Some of the essences I've made on my travels around North America...

I’ll also take a look at your birth chart - specifically your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs - and choose three flower or gem essences to help you to tap into the power of your personal stars based on your inherent gifts and the energy of the reading. I think the cards act like a map for your personal landscape and the essences are your starlight compasses guiding you home.

I loved {the reading}. I felt as though it aligned with what I was hoping for and really captured the energy of where I need things to go. I already knew the answers myself but to have it laid out for me really helped clarify what I was doing and what I need to do next. Thank you Alexis!
I felt it was wonderfully supportive, and a good way to initiate an intention for myself. I really like feeling like I am pulling support from all kinds of sources and directions, and this truly offered that.
— DR
The World Spirit Tarot says "hiya!"

The World Spirit Tarot says "hiya!"

What you'll get:

You’ll receive a digital 500 word minimum description and interpretation of the reading, along with three 1/2 ounce stock bottle essences with beautiful labels, descriptions of your essences (including essence affirmations), and directions for use. Readings will be completed within 5 business days and packages will be shipped out within 2 weeks of purchase. I use recycled boxes and paper for my packages and handstamp the boxes with love and magick. Upon payment via a super secret store link the timeframe for your reading will begin and I’ll get in touch with you about your reading. I look forward to connecting with your sweet spirit!

The tarot reading was simply amazing. To be honest, I cried through your words. The reading arrived just following the legalization of marriage equality and there were many in my southern family with unkind words regarding the ruling. The reading reminded me that I am not the first queer, that there were probably others whose voices have been silenced or forgotten with time. At that moment, at that time, I cried because there was an unbelievable amount of truth revealed in your interpretation of the cards. For that, I am incredibly grateful.
— Kristy R.
Rainbow Smoky Quartz - one of many essences you might receive...

Rainbow Smoky Quartz - one of many essences you might receive...

How to sign up:

Each month I'll post the availability of the Tarot Stella Remedy Kit via my instagram account. It'll be offered on a first-come-first-serve basis based on who comments first. If you want a extra-special head's up when the post will go up you should sign-up for my Magick Mail where I will send at "head's up!" mailing before my instagram post. 

{The tarot reading was} very helpful, very clarifying, and very on target. I’ve found {the essences} very helpful. And working with them intentionally and regularly helped keep the reading in focus as well, so I was immersed in (and well-supported!) with what I was working on.
— J
Tarot Stella essence labels...

Tarot Stella essence labels...

The cost:


Yup, that's it.

Price includes S+H (both US and International shipping available).  Make sure to read my disclaimer page before signing up so that you're empowered to make an informed choice.

Yay! Stars! Cards! Essences!

Follow my instagram to find out when the next batch of Tarot Stella Remedy Kits are available. If you sign up for my Magick Mail I send a "head's up!" email moments before I post on instagram, giving you an advantage!

The Tarot Stella Remedy Kits promise to be a great adventure and I hope you'll join in, clever one!

P.S. Want a peak at my favorite tarot spread for connecting with the magickal and healing world of plant allies? Come this way!

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