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Libra: The Astroherbology Profile

It's all good, friend, life is beautiful...

It's time to explore the sign of Libra! You're getting a snapshot into the ever expanding astroherbology magick of the Lunar Apothecary - amazing! 

I will be exploring all twelve signs from a medical astrology perspective with an emphasis on herbal healing. Learn more about the series and what all the correspondences mean check out the introduction to The Introduction to Astroherbology Zodiac Series. Missed the other signs of the Zodiac? Find out about the astroherbology wisdom of AriesTaurusGeminiCancerLeo, and Virgo!

Element: Air
Mode: Cardinal
Guardian Planet: Venus
Direction: West
Season: Autumn
House: 7th House / Angular
Lunar Mansions: 15th Mansion, 16th Mansion, + 17th Mansion
Solar Gemstone: Blue Aventurine

Tarot: Justice, The Empress, 2 of Swords (9/23 - 10/2), 3 of Swords (10/3 - 10/12), 4 (10/13 - 10/22) of Swords, the Queen of Swords

Tissue State: Dry Tissue State, Damp/Relaxation Tissue State

Body Systems: Kidneys and urinary system. Anus. Hormones in general. Endocrine system. Estrogen. Ovaries. Veins. Acid-alkaline balance. Lumber region of the back. Distillation and filtration systems of the body. Posture. 

Imbalances + Diseases: Kidney disease and imbalancesincluding kidney stones, renal colic, and the need for dialysis. Diabetes and sugar addiction. Urinary tract infections and urinary system imbalances including anuria, abscesses, and ulcers. Inflammation of the ureters. Bright’s disease. Skin complaints that cause disfiguration. Eczema. Lower back pain. Varicosities and hemorrhoids. Hormonal imbalance including lack or excess of estrogen. Sexually transmitted infections, especially topical ones. Wasting diseases and general weakness. Struggling to attain equilibrium. Indecisiveness from trying to be too diplomatic. Passive-aggressiveness. Confusion and gullibility. Co-dependent and afraid of conflict.

Disease Degrees: 1 degree: renal pelvis; 2 degrees: renal cortex; 3 degrees: adrenals, abscesses; 4 degrees: kidney surface, abscesses, goiter; 5 degrees: renal pyramids, goiter; 6 degrees: pubis, goiter; 7 degrees: nerve supply to kidney and renal pelvis, goiter, jaundice of the kidney and renal pelvis; 8 degrees: nerve supply to kidney and renal pelvis, jaundice of the kidney and renal pelvis; 9 degrees: nerve supply to kidney and renal pelvis, jaundice of the kidney and renal pelvis; 10 degrees: nerve supply to kidney and renal pelvis, jaundice of the kidney and renal pelvis; 11 degrees: nerve supply to kidney and renal pelvis, jaundice of the kidney and renal pelvis; 12 degrees: left renal system: 13 degrees: right renal system 14 degrees: left inguinal lymph nodes; 15 degrees: right inguinal lymph nodes, suicide, eczema, stroke; 16 degrees: renal arteries, eczema, abscesses, stroke; 17 degrees: suprarenal arteries, abscesses; 18 degrees: fatty capsule of kidney’s, chronic glomerulonephritis, Bright’s disease; 19 degrees: calyx major, Bright’s disease; 20 degrees: calyx minor; 21 degrees: renal hilum; 22 degrees: renal veins; 23 degrees: suprarenal veins; 24 degrees: blood vessels of renal cortex;  25 degrees: blood vessels of renal cortex; 26 degrees: vascular system of skin; 27 degrees: vascular system of skin, tuberculosis; 28 degrees: bladder, hair, tuberculosis; 29 degrees: right ureter bladder, bronchitis; 30 degrees: left ureter, bronchitis.

Remedies for Imbalanced and/or Weakened Libra: Astringent herbs that are also tonifying when there is too much laxity and indecision. Stimulating herbs as needed to counteract sluggishness. For those Librans needing more Venusian energies in their life (remember, they can swing out of their inherent need for beauty and Venusian healing), anything that is pleasurable and soothing, such as relaxing massages, aromatherapy, and gentle remedies such as flower and gem essences. Making firm choices. Goal-setting. Agreements of accountability around conflict. Establishing balanced relationships with others.

Gifts of Libra: Beauty, diplomacy, sensuality, adventure, a gift of mediation, gracefulness.

Rituals of Libra: Invoking beauty, justice and fairness, teamwork, cooperation, art-based magickal workings, romance, and self-awareness.

Libra Guardian Herbs: Damiana (Turnera diffusa), Violet (Viola tricolor), Rose (Rosa spp.), Beech (Fagus sylvatica), Jasmine (Jasminum spp.), Angelica (Angelica archangelica), Thyme (Thymus vulgaris), Yarrow (Achillea millefolium), Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata), Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis).

Libra Remedy Herbs: Nettles (Urtica dioica), Goldenrod (Solidago virgaurea), Burdock (Arctium lappa), Mullein (Verbascum spp.), Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa), Barberry (Berberis vulgaris), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon), Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis).

Flower + Gem Essences: Chicory (Cichorium intybus), Vervain (Verbena officinalis), Honeysuckle (Lonicera caprifolium), Rose (Rosa damascena), and Rose Quartz.

The Sun in Libra

Lovely Libras! They are the keepers of beauty and the cultivators of pleasure in the zodiac, guarded by the sensuous planet of Venus. Libra folk generally place great emphasis on the interpersonal - whether romantic, familial, or in friendships. Libra folk can often be the most graceful of the zodiac if not physically, than socially and intellectually. The scale is the symbol of this sign and Libra folk place great emphasis on fairness, diplomacy, and that everyone getting their equal share.

The great strengths of Libra can also be their great downfalls. The impossible mission of complete impartiality and the belief in objectivity can keep them from recognizing that the path of wise relationships is built on empathy and effective boundaries. They can easily get caught up in bending over backwards in attempts to be fair, forgetting or not developing their own sense of what they want and who they are in the world. Such dissipation of energy and focus on others can lead to an ungrounded airiness that leads to indecision, lack of focus, and a muddled heart. Attempts to please others can be taken advantage of and their autonomy lost if a Libra folk’s sense of love is compromised. It is all too easy for Libra folk to doubt that they deserve to be loved as much as they love others. It is key for Libra folk to realize what healthy relationships look like, detox from codependent tendencies, and develop a fierceness of judgement. Their desire for fairness and diplomacy can then transform into something more powerful: harmony.

Since they are guarded by such a beneficial planet, Libra folks can be a bit lucky and a lot blessed. Sickness is rare for many Libra folks. They do tend towards the sweeter things in life and can be more prone to sugar addiction and complications including diabetes, unwanted weight gain, and compromised immunity. As they are pleasure-seekers who tend to get away with a lot of poor eating and health habits early in life, it is very important to know that later in life is when their bad habits will often catch up them. They can get caught up in cycles of addiction, especially in regards to sex and alcohol, in an attempt to find an outlet for their energy. Since they are a sign that can tend towards lack of self-interest, they can disregard the need for personal health practices, such as exercise, which is such an important activity for Libra folk to do in order to express their physical energy (even though they can sometimes come off as a low-energy sign). Find pleasurable movement to keep you healthy and well, Libra folks, and indulge! The gifts of Libra folk is that they are creatures of beauty, teaching us how to find and experience beauty in all parts of our lives. 

Libra Guardian Herbs

Passionflower by  Oliver P. Quillia

Passionflower by Oliver P. Quillia

Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata)

Passionflower is a lovely herb that has both Venusian energies (the Guardian planet of Libra) and energies of the Moon. The herb is primarily used as a relaxing sedative, calming the mind and soothing the nervous system. It cools the hot-blooded, including gently lowering blood pressure, and relieves migraines, tension, and asthma brought on by heat. Spasms, tremors, hiccups, and convulsions caused by tension and over-excitation are all remedied by Passionflower. Passionflower is a great remedy for overworkers and those who have difficultly taking a genuine break or rest - the herb helps them connect to the Libran desire for beautiful rest in their lives. Speaking of beautiful rest, Passionflower is excellent for those who struggle with insomnia, restoring us to restful sleep pattens and helping us to wake up refreshed. Similar to Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora), Passionflower helps relieve the constant chatter of a busy brain and at the same time can increase focused calm. Upset and teething children can be soothed by Passionflower’s anodyne qualities (consider using with Chamomile Matricaria recutita if upset tummies are also a problem) and it’s antispasmodic qualities relieve hacking coughs or asthma attacks in both adults and children.

Since it is cooling and dissipating, Passionflower can be used in cases of fever and inflammation of all sorts, including earache, eye inflammation, and toothache. The herb is useful for heavy menstruation and cramping, as well as easing difficult labor pains and contractions. Emotionally, Passionflower is a great ally to have around during nervous breakdowns and healing crisis where emotions are raw and anxiety is high. It helps to calm and re-balance through alleviating emotional confusion.

Enjoy a full profile on Passionflower and more Libran herbs in the Lunar Apothecary!

Libra Remedy Herbs

Ashwagandha by  Wowbobwow12

Ashwagandha by Wowbobwow12

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)

Ashwagandha is an herb that has been used for thousand of years within Ayurvedic medicine and is an excellent adaptogenic herb. Adaptogens in general, could fall under the umbrella of “Libran Remedy Herbs” because Libra guards homeostasis which adaptogens are so effective at bringing us back to. Since Libra has dissipating energies because of its planet Venus, the sign can tend towards general weakness and slow recovery time after illness. Ashwagandha is a supreme restorative, rebuilding strength and stamina in the body. Libra is also an air sign and when air is askew it can lead to muddled thoughts, poor memory, and difficultly learning. Ashwagandha restores mental clarity and prepares the mind for learning. It is useful in the treatment of learning disorders and conditions such as ADHD.

Additionally, Ashwagandha is a immunostimulant and is especially effective at increasing the effectiveness of a chronically underperforming immune system including conditions such as HIV, MS, lupus, and fibromyalgia. The herb can also be taken alongside antibiotics to protect the immune system and promote a healthy recovery from illness. Like other Libran herbs, Ashwagandha promotes fertility, balances menstruation, and has an affinity for the urinary system.

Want to learn more? Find more Libran herbs and herbs for the entire zodiac as well as tutorials, rituals, charms, and more in the Lunar Apothecary!

Sun in Libra Flower Essence

Chicory by  Alvesgaspar  

Chicory by Alvesgaspar 

Chicory (Cichorium intybus)

While Libra is a sign that can be the most magnanimous and desirous of love and a multitude of loving relationships, they are a sign that come become uncertain if they are loved when they fall out of balance. Balance is so important to our Libran folk, but sometimes the idea of maintaining balance is confused with always being fair or never experiencing conflict. Patterns can appear in their lives which have them questioning those they are in relationship with (wether a romantic, parental, or friend relationship), if they are really loved. Their need of reassurance becomes burdensome and problematic, which is when the flower essence of Chicory becomes indispensable. Chicory is the “unconditional love” essence. It is good not only for out-of-balance Librans but for folks who have truly experienced a lack of love and care in their life, which leads to being able to love oneself. Chicory helps us to connect to our self-love and to accept the love of others without the constant fear of love being lost. Chicory teaches us that, yes, love does transform and is transforming, but it can never be lost.

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Herbs To Bring Love

We are social creatures who continuously build relationships through family ties, exchange of resources, passionate pursuits, and common cultures.  The pursuit of relationships bound together by romantic love seems often to be of particular interest to our species.  Herbalists have been keen on finding green allies that act as aphrodisiacs - bringing out hidden love, stoking the fires of mature love, and helping desire reside fully in the body.

Peters, Hermann. Pictorial History of Ancient Pharmacy. 3rd ed. Chicago: G. P. Englehard, 1902, c.1899. Ebling Library call number RS 61 P48

Lady's Bedstraw (Galium verum), also known as Maid's Hair, was said to "provoke conjunction" and French kings Louis XIV and Louis XV were secretly given a tincture derived from a beetle which was a genital irritant and quite poisonous.  Not necessarily the direction I would recommend today in the pursuit of aphrodisiacs.  One of the more famous aphrodisiacs are Mandrakes (Podophyllum peltatum) or Womandrakes, depending on their shape.  Said to bring to you the lover you seek, there were many rules about when and how to pick Mandrake including dancing about it while speaking all you know about love.

More common herbs such as Thyme (Thymus vulgaris), Parsley (Petroselinum crispum), Basil (Ocimum basilicum), Spearmint (Mentha spicata), and Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis) have also been used to quicken hearts and bring sparkle to the eye. But many of the aphrodisiacs that have held up over time are usually tonics of some sort and support the nervous system which makes a lot of sense when you are dealing with love, sex, and the emotional exercises of a romantic relationship.

The ideal aphrodisiac for me it manifold in its efforts.  Most importantly it is nourishing to the nervous system which allows the herbs of passion to effectively do their work.  A body that is nourished  is more open to others, to true desire, and to expansiveness through love.  A blend for love should also be exciting in and of itself that is what I hope you'll find Ambrosia to be.

In Ambrosia you'll find the following herbs to aid you on the path of desire:

GINGER Zingiber officinale: Warming and stimulating, Ginger has been used to attract love and has a wonderfully spicy flavor.

DAMIANA Turnera aphrodisiaca: Stimulating to sexual energies, Damiana also promotes physical endurance while invigorating the brain and nerves.  Also useful for treating infertility, erectile dysfunction, headaches, and “performance anxiety.”

LICORICE Glycyrrhiza glabra: Harmonzing for the mind, body, and spirit, Licorice helps us feel balanced.

LEMON BALM Melissa officinalis: Calms the nerves, relieves anxiety, and gives the body space to find and feel love.

CINNAMON Cinnamomum cassia: Stimulating to the senses, Cinnamon increases vitality.

CACAO Theobroma cacao: Cacao (chocolate in raw form) contains phenylethylamine, the same compond that naturally occurs in the brain when we are in love and also when experiencing orgasm.  Boosting levels of seratonin and endorphins, Cacao also contains naturally occurring caffeine.

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