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Buzz! Buzz! New Tea Blend for Children and Busy Folks!

Buzz! Zoom! Zip!

There they go again! Our buzzy little bees are off on another adventure! Let’s help them land back down softly on the earth (or at least dock for some down-time) with our calming, soothing and altogether centering Buzzy Blend. We work with a lot of kids (whether as a nanny or herbalist) and appreciate the importance of children maintaining their equilibrium so they can explore the world in a mindful and joyful way. Buzzy Blend is full of delicious, nutritious and deeply calming herbs to balance buzz with bliss.

LEMON BALM Melissa officinalis: With a name referring to the bees and their love of plant (Melissa is “honey bee” in Greek), Lemon Balm is a suitable choice for the Buzzy ones our Buzzy Blend is meant for. Calming anxious and over-excited children is one of Lemon Balm’s skills. It is also useful in helping to prevent nightmares when taken before bed.

PASSIONFLOWER Passiflora incarnata: Promotes focus and helps kids to center when they are overstimulated. Very calming without being sedating.

CATNIP Nepeta cataria: Another calming herb, Catnip addresses feelings of restlessness. Also helps with upset tummies!

CHAMOMILE Matricaria recutita: For the cranky complainer who is prone to whining, Chamomile restores equilibrium (and hopefully peace!). Another herb that is soothing to the digestive system.

BEE POLLEN: A little golden powerhouse of nutrition, Bee Pollen is full of amino acids, trace minerals, essential fatty acids, enzymes and more. Naturally sweet, Bee Pollen helps to fill out the flavor of our tea blend.

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