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Pisces: The Astroherbology Profile

It's time to explore the sign of Pisces! You're getting a snapshot into the ever expanding astroherbology magick of the Lunar Apothecary - sweet! 

I will be exploring all twelve signs from a medical astrology perspective with an emphasis on herbal healing. To learn more about the series and what all the correspondences mean check out the introduction to The Introduction to Astroherbology Series. Looking for the other signs of the Zodiac? Find out about the astroherbology wisdom of AriesTaurusGeminiCancerLeoVirgo,  LibraScorpioSagittariusCapricorn, and Aquarius!

Element: Water
Mode: Mutable
Guardian Planet: Jupiter (traditional), Neptune (modern)
Direction: East
Season: Spring
House: 12th House / Cadent
Lunar Mansions: The 26th Mansion, 27th Mansion + 28th Mansion
Solar Gemstone: Amethyst
Tarot: The Moon, the Hanged Man, 8 of Cups (2/19 - 2/28), 9 of Cups (3/1 - 3/10), 10 of Cups (3/11 - 3/20), King of Cups
Tissue State: Damp/Relaxation

Body Systems: Feet and toes. All body fluids including synovial fluids, mucus, and blood. Lymphatic, glandular, and endocrine systems. The ability of tissues and body systems to relax. Respiratory system. Pineal gland. Abdomen. 

Imbalances + Diseases: Diseases that are cold and moist, including influenza, tuberculosis, colds, and imbalances with excess mucus and discharge such as runny noses and watery eyes. Lung sensitivity in general. Excess and over-developed sensitivity. Low vitality and sickly constitution.  Lymphatic swellings and diseases of the lymph, endocrine, and glandular systems. Auto-immune diseases. Fungal and viral diseases. Environmental and chemical sensitivities and allergies. Chronic fatigue. All diseases of the feet including gout, athlete’s foot, fungal infections, bunions, and ingrown toenails. Club feet. Unusual feet. Swelling and water-retention. Narcolepsy. Addiction and drug abuse. Boils, sores, and break-outs of the skin. Forgetfulness. Alzheimer’s and senility. Putrid blood. Disordered eating, especially overeating or emotional eating. Low libido. Mononucleosis. Obscure diseases of a psychic nature. Indecisiveness, careless, and vague. Moodiness and melancholy that can lead to escapism. Unable to establish roots and groundedness. Impractical, lacking discipline, and self-destructive. Prone to following the whims of others which stems from gullibility and, at its worse, develops into delusion. Overwhelmed by the emotions of others or confusing the emotions of others for their own. Heightened psychic sensitivity preventing them from socializing with others. Depression. Feelings of victimhood and martyrdom as well as lack of faith in self.

Disease Degrees: 1 degree: right calcaneum; 2 degrees: left calcaneum; 3 degrees: nerves of the right foot, appendicitis; 4 degrees: nerves of the left foot, appendicitis, asthma; 5 degrees: asthma, right cuboid bone; 6 degrees: left cuboid bone; 7 degrees: right talus; 8 degrees: left talus; 9 degrees: right metatarsals, rheumatic fever; 10 degrees: left metatarsals, rheumatic fever; 11 degrees: lymph vessels of the foot, Bright’s disease; 12 degrees: plantar artery of the right foot, Bright’s disease; 13 degrees: plantar artrery of the left foot; 14 degrees: right cutaneous veins; 15 degrees: left cutaneous veins; 16 degrees: cruciate ligaments of right foot; 17 degrees: cruciate ligaments of left foot; 18 degrees: extensor muscles of right toes; 19 degrees: extensor muscles of left toes, digestive disorders, excessive eating; 20 degrees: right fibula muscles, digestive disorders, excessive eating; 21 degrees: left fibula muscle, typhoid fever; 22 degrees: achilles tendon of right foot, insanity, typhoid fever, appendicitis, fevers; 23 degrees: achilles tendon of left foot, spine, appendicitis, fevers; 24 degrees: right distal tibia-fibular joint, fevers; 25 degrees: left detail tibia-fibular joint, gout, neurasthenia, cancer; 26 degrees: plantar nerves, suicide, gout, neurasthenia, cancer; 27 degrees: phalanges of right foot, eczema, Bright’s disease, acute nephritis; 28 degrees: phalanges of left foot, tuberculosis, eczema, Bright’s disease, acute nephritis, diabetes, low blood sugar, bleeding, depression; 29 degrees: toenails of right foot, eczema, Bright’s disease, acute nephritis, diabetes, low blood sugar, bleeding, depression, drowning; 30 degrees: toenails of left foot, bleeding, drowning, depression.

Remedies for Imbalanced and/or Weakened Pisces: Immunomodulating and stimulating herbs, adaptogens, and warming herbs that dry out excess damp. Gentle medicines such as massage, flower and gem essences, reflexology, meditation, and energy healing. and attention to incorporating super nutritive foods into the diet. Plenty of sleep. Learning how to create firm boundaries and how to ground. Developing empathetic discipline and identifying the feelings of others versus personal feelings. Pursuing the poetic and indulging in romance from a place of self-worth and determination.

Gifts of Pisces: Mysticism, empathy, psychic dreaming, clairvoyance, idealism, receptivity, intuition, otherworldly transcendence, adaptability, dissolution of separateness, and unselfish humility.

Rituals of Pisces: Past life exploration, psychic development, blessing of water tools such as cups, cauldrons, and bowls, settling disputes and reconciliation, sacred bathing rituals., and marking the ending/beginning of a cycle.

Pisces Guardian Herbs: Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus), Chlorella (Chlorella vulgaris), Rainbow Kelp (Iridaea cordata), Irish Moss (Chondrus crispus), Burdock (Arctium lappa), Cleavers (Galium aparine), Morning Glory (Ipomoea purpurea), California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica), Milky Oat (Avena sativa), Ocotillo (Fouquieria splendens), Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata), Angelica (Angelica archangelica), Chickweed (Stellaria media) and Rabbitbrush (Chrysothamnus nauseosus).

Pisces Remedy Herbs: Elder (Sambucus nigra), Milky Oat (Avena sativa), Ocotillo (Fouquieria splendens), Willow (Salix alba), Nettles (Urtica dioica), Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), Ginger (Zingiber officinalis), Maca (Lepidium meyenii), Pine (Pinus spp.), Chicory (Chicorium intybus), Sage (Salvia officinalis), Mullein (Thapsus verbascum), Lavender (Lavandula officinalis), Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha), Linden (Tilia europea), Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana), Elecampane (Inula helenium), and Dandelion (Taraxacum officinalis).

Flower + Gem Essences: Clematis (Clematis vitalba), Scarlet Monkeyflower (Mimulus cardinalis), Rock Rose (Helianthemum Nummularium), Southern Cross (Xanthosia rotundifolia), Pine (Pinus sylvestris), Yarrow (Achillea millefolium), Amethyst, and Aquamarine.

The Sun in Pisces

The final sign of the zodiac is sometimes said to be a combination of all that has gone before which makes sense for a sign known for dissolving the separateness. Pisces folk can be a very sensitive and intuitive sign, valuing attributes such as compassion and the art of giving as primary in their development of self-esteem. Their hearts easily crack open when they come across pain, suffering, and the hardship experienced by so many creatures, humyn, plant, and animal alike, reflecting their inherent empathy. The fish can appear as dreamy and perhaps somewhere between the worlds - which they probably are - but that shouldn’t be mistaken for weakness or lack of understanding of our consensus reality. Their tuned into the undercurrents of any given situation making them especially valuable in getting to the secret heart of the matter - if they are able to translate their findings into a language we can all understand.

Now, the great gift of Pisces folks - their ability to dissolve separatedness - is also the source of their downfall. Setting up boundaries for their own wellbeing, whether good relationship boundaries or psychic boundaries so that they aren’t continuously overwhelmed by intuitive input, is essential but can be very difficult for the fish. They need to learn that setting up healthy boundaries does not make them less compassionate or able to connect but quite the opposite. With clearly defined boundaries that protects their wellbeing and cultivates healthy relationships they will have greater space to stretch their compassion muscle, develop their psychic senses without leading to overwhelm, and experience healing vulnerability without be treated like a doormat. 

Within a medical astrology context, Pisces folks need to guard their vitality carefully as they’re not always engaged with their physical form as much as their soul’s journeying. Pisces guards the fluids of the body including the blood and mucus and when imbalanced they can find themselves experiencing poor circulation and lowered immunity, as well as wet, damp illnesses such as phlegm-y chest colds and tuberculosis. Similar to the sign which precedes them, Aquarius, Pisces folks need to be conscious of the environmental, chemical, and psychic pollutants in their environment. I’ve seen more than one fish folk flinch when they’ve walked into a room where there has been a fierce argument or fight whether it happened 5 minutes ago or 50 years ago - Pisces folk are often tuned into such subtleties of the environment which can be great for picking up psychic information but completely overwhelming if they don’t know what’s going on or how to shield themselves properly. A nutritive diet full of grounding foods can be very helpful as well as regular time spent working with gentle healing modalities such as reflexology (Pisces guards the feet), energy healing, and flower and gem essence therapy. With careful attention to their boundaries, Pisces folks become even more adept as dissolving that which divides us providing space for folks to find one another in love and compassion amidst the turmoil of our modern world that seeks to continuously convince us that we should remain divided. 

Pisces Guardian Herbs

Bladderwrack ( Fucus vesiculosus ) via  wikipedia

Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus) via wikipedia

Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus)

A creature of the sea and watery places, Pisces Guardian herbs include the domain of sea plants such as seaweed. Bladderwrack is a common form of kelp that has been used medicinally for hundreds of years. The plant is both a Remedy and Guardian herb of Pisces, helping the body absorb nutrients and expel toxins which is key to Piscean health. As a metabolic tonic, Bladderwrack improves the rate of the metabolism and has been used to support a healthy body weight. As a cleansing plant, Bladderwrack pulls toxins from the body including radiation and other environmental toxins, aiding our more sensitive Pisces folk. The herb is useful in treating hypothyroid and hyperthyroid conditions as it supports healthy thyroid hormonal production. Regular consumption of Bladderwrack improves the body’s overall ability to heal, promotes quality sleep, lowers chronic high blood pressure, and improves the condition of the hair and skin. The herb cleanses thekidneys, clears lymph congestion, addresses bacterial and fungal infection, detoxifies body tissue, stimulates the adrenal glands, and assists in the recovery from long-term illness. The herb is also useful in reducing enlarged prostates. Historically, Bladderwrack has been used in the treatment of tuberculosis, another common Pisces complaint.

Topically, Bladderwrack can be used as a skin tonic, improving the skin’s complexion and suppleness. Use the herb in a bath to assist in breaking down cellulite. In general, Bladderwrack can be used as a compress for arthritis, bruises, sprains, hardened glands, and inflammation.

Pisces Remedy Herbs

       Pinus densiflora  via  wikipedia



Pinus densiflora via wikipedia

Pine (Pinus spp.)

The mighty Pine stands as a sturdy ally for our Pisces friends. The leaves of the tree are an excellent (and tasty!) source of vitamin C, helping Pisces folks to keep their immune system happy and healthy. Pine has such a strength of vitality - have you ever stood tall in a forest of Pine gazing up at their amazing heights? You should - you’ll learn about our tree friend through such an experience. The resin of Pine can be used in tincture form as an excellent expectorant helping to clear excess mucus from the lungs, a common Piscean complaint. You can also create a salve with the resin which can be applied topically to the body to improve circulation and warm tired and sore muscles. 

I am a particular fan of Pine pollen which can be enjoyed in powder form and easily added to smoothies and drinks. Pine pollen is a golden sunbeam of nutrition! Full of vitamins and minerals, Pine Pollen contains 20 amino acids, including the 8 essential amino acids and minerals such as Calcium, Iron and Zinc. A friend to the prostate, Pine Pollen is a wonderful preventative ally of prostate disease. Pine Pollen also helps to regulate metabolism, increase energy, and dispel brain fog (you see how it can be a great friend of our fish folk).

Sun in Pisces Flower Essence

Amethyst  by Alexis J. Cunningfolk 

Amethyst by Alexis J. Cunningfolk 

The key phrase of Amethyst Gem Essence is “I go with the flow.” The cleverness of the purple stone is that it teaches us to go with the flow but not get overtaken or overwhelmed by the current. The stone is centering and grounding without blocking necessary psychic permeability which is a powerful tool for Pisces folk. Along with its  centering properties, Amethyst is also helps address those anxious thoughts that wake us up in the middle of the night and spur on arguments between loved ones. Amethyst helps us to float gently when the waters feel tumultuous, eventually leading to a current that guides us gently back to shore.

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