Roar! Full Moon in Leo

Leo Moon Full Herbs On Friday, February 14 we'll find the Full Moon in Leo glowing in our skies. Full Moons in Leo are like the best kind of parties, parades, and concerts mixed into one. Imagine your favorite exertion of joyful energy - whether riding the energy of a crowd or dancing by yourself in a room lit by candlelight and glitter - and you can begin to grasp what an intention-centered Leo Full Moon can be like. Practice exuberant generosity to yourself and others. Energy is high and their is room for sacred drama and ritual. If you sense conflict, choose the path of honest expression of your full creativity - hiding or suppressing your individuality under the light of Leo can bring heartache and distortion.

Leo guards the heart and spine as well as the distribution of vital energy and nutrients through the blood. When Leo energies are out of balance there is overstimulation, overexertion, and overheating (the "over" part of Leo can also work in your favor when you finally "get over" what it is in your life that no longer serves you). Aggressive fevers and poor circulation can appear, along with heart conditions and high blood pressure. Many heart tonic herbs fall under the guardianship of Leo including Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) and Rose (Rosa spp.). For Full Moons in Leo, I love to pull out Angelica (Angelica archangelica). Angelica is a heart tonic (in cases of heart problems in relation to complications of angina, the herb has components that act like calcium channel blockers) and a blood purifier along with a large collection of other uses. What I love about Angelica is that it is a dream herb - it not only helps us to dream with clarity, but to dream with boldness and greater imagination. Just a few drops of the herbal extract or flower essence connects our heart to our dreams.

Open your heart, stand tall, and let your passion flow.

The Moon will also be in the 12th Mansion, known as Al-Sarfah or the Changer, fully falling into the realm of Leonine honesty. Think about a dishonesty detox in your life. How are you dishonest to yourself and others? What relationships are not honest in your life? Are you truly living your life in the way you want to be? Are you really expressing your honest self to those you are in relationship with? Join us in learning more about the Mansions of the Moon.

Learn more about why the Moon Matters in Herbology! Struggling to connect with the heart-opening energy of the Leo Full Moon? Check out our Blah-Buster Brew!

Blessed Full Moon, clever friends!

Looking for some music to start your Full Moon festivities? Check out our Full Moon in Leo mix below!

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