Lunar Imbolc /// Black Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius moon black new imbolc

Blessed Black Moon + Lunar Imbolc!

Not only is tonight Lunar Imbolc but it is a Black Moon. A Black Moon is when there is a second New Moon within the same month. Tonight's Black Moon is in revolutionary Aquarius and we're near the end of our journey with Venus in retrograde. Have your relationships, partnerships, contracts, and/or agreements had rough time this month, perhaps even falling to teeny, tiny, itty, bitty pieces?

Ok, take a breath.

Tonight you can make a choice that'll set you up to come out with surety once the retrograde has passed at the end of the month. Retrograding with Venus allows us to re-examine our approach to relationships and the commitments we make. With the power of a New Moon in Aquarius we can stage a personal revolution in our life. Suddenly the ways that we've attempted to squeeze who we are into the box of conformity and comfort and habit, breaks at the seems. We can panic and hold the shreds of the box together with tight fists or we can let all the cardboard fall away. Where do you imagine you would be if you could express the full glory of your individuality and have it be celebrated?

That's your work tonight under the darkness and sliver of light that the New Moon offers - personal revolution - because, clever ones, the stars are aligned for you and the earth is singing, "Go on, child, get it done."

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