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Polish Your Cauldron + Keep Away the Cold

A lovely night for a a bit of flying.Woodcut dated 1579 in France.

The Witches be cacklin’ tonight!  As black as night with a purple glow, our Cauldron Polish Cold Care Elixir is your ally when it comes to charming away colds.  Take at the first sign of a cold or ‘flu and our Cauldron Polish’s anti-viral enchantments will prevent tricky colds and ‘flu from taking hold.  Cauldron Polish has a sweet taste with a bit of tang and just a bit of Ginger bite, making our Cold Care Elixir a delicious addition to your home wellness repertoire.

ELDER BERRY + FLOWER Sambucus nigra: The Elder Mother is a fiercely protective spirit surrounded in the mists of magic, so we employ her mighty powers of healing and protection in our cold care elixir.  Elder flowers are soothing and calming as well as being anti-inflammatory.  The berries of Elder are delicious, nutritious, immune-boosting and high in vitamin C.  Elder will not only strengthen the immune system but help to shorten recovery time from colds, stress and physical exertion.

GINGER Zingiber officinale: Ginger is especially potent in preventing colds and the ‘flu if taken at the onset of symptoms by increasing the bodies vital energy needing to fend off infection.  Warming and circulatory, Ginger will heat up your extremities and soothe aching muscles while dispelling mental fatigue.  Ginger also helps with stomach upsets, gas and cramping because it is such a darn generous rhizome.

RAW LOCAL TEXAS WILDFLOWER HONEY: Used for thousands of years as good medicine, raw Honey is a golden treasure of healing.  Full of vitamins, minerals and living enzymes, Honey is a perfect medium to carry the medicinal powers of our Cold Care Elixir.

RAW APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: Alkalinizing Vinegar chock full of vitamins and minerals rounds out our Cold Care Elixir in healing qualities and taste.  Raw Apple Cider Vinegar helps to bring the body back into balance while providing essential nutrients and with its anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial powers.

Our Cauldron Polish Cold Care Elixir is currently offered in a 2 ounce size and comes in a clear, square glass bottle.   To purchase our Cauldron Polish Cold Care Elixir visit our S H O P.

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