::right now::

Right now, I am...

:: welcoming in the spring by opening all the windows and doors.

:: thinking over the recent housing mess and knowing that we won't be renters forever.

:: wearing a floral thrift store skirt and two headscarves.  Fancy!

:: considering new semi-regular blog post topics that will combine my love of radical feminist history and tea.

:: hoping that the whether will remain nice and cool for a little while longer.

:: loving the smell of orange blossoms outside our front and back door.

:: singing songs of spring! For She will bring the buds in the spring and laugh amidst the flowers...

:: laughing at the inexhaustible presence of joy in our lives if we just take part in its effervescent laughter!

:: enjoying quite hours in a quiet house.

:: smiling at my puppy who is covered in bits of flowers and leaves after time spent dutifully exploring what the winds have stirred up in our backyard adventure park.

:: deciding what recipes to invest more time in next - Chai blends?  Cacao creations?  Special oils blends for wellness?

:: feeling excited by the arrival of family later this week and going to the RV show!

:: readying myself for that same RV show and the strong urge to get on the road now.

:: brewing teas for fertility and to support all different sorts of reproductive bits.

:: considering the all important question of what color to paint my nails - and then back to the issue of neighborhood peace, city peace, state peace, country peace, and eventually, of course, world peace.  But first, the nails.

:: working on that same Materia Medica for Borage (Borago officinalis).

:: reading new herb books that I got for my birthday (and have been checking out of the library for years):  A City Herbal by Maida Silverman, Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine by Andrew Chevallier, and The Book of Herbal Wisdom by Matthew Wood.

:: listening to my birthday mix still.  Birthday month dance party!

:: grateful for the incredible support of folks who are experiencing similar struggle as us and yet, without hesitation, offer more than we could ever ask for.

:: remembering that the promise of spring is a gift freely given and one that should be freely received.

:: feeling all sorts of good stretch and soreness by a regular yoga practice made possible by an early birthday gift.

:: wanting to say thanks for the ever-growing support of our quirky Apothecary.

:: wishing everyone a moment today to know balance as we step firmly into spring.

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