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Growing Bellies Oil


An oil of SWEET & SPICE that SUPPORTS the growth of beauty, strength, and ever-present JOY. Use generously on your stretching skin and know the PEACE of changing bodies.

While originally formulated to support the changes of pregnancy our Growing Bellies Oil is nurturing to all sorts of bodies and they’re changing. Use after a shower or dry brushing to promote healthy elasticity in the skin. The scent of our Growing Bellies Oil is light and blossoms on the skin and a little goes a long way! Conveniently packaged in a glass amber bottle with pump, our Growing Bellies Oil is a delight to use. SLIPPERY ELM Ulmus rubra in APRICOT KERNAL OIL: Slippery Elm has a softening affect on the skin and supports the skin’s natural elasticity. Also, excellent for cases of inflammation, eczema, and itchy skin conditions.

HEMP SEED OIL Cannabis sativa: Full of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and high in essential fatty acids, Hemp Seed Oil helps balance dry skin and strengthens our skins ability to adapt to change.

JOJOBA OIL Simondisia chinensis: A wonderful oil that helps preserve the shelf-life of our oil naturally, Jojoba is very similar to our skin’s own sebum and therefore is easily absorbed.

CALENDULA Calendula officinalis in OLIVE OIL Olea europaea: Calendula is an exceptionally gentle and profoundly powerful golden healing elixir.

FRANKINCENSE Boswellia carterii Essential Oil: Frankincense is tonifying to the skin and adds a hint of spice to our oil blend.

SANDALWOOD Santalum spicatum Essential Oil: Relaxing and reparative, Sandalwood adds a supportive base to your fragrant journey.

GRAPEFRUIT Citrus paradisi Essential Oil: Grapefruit addresses issues of stress and restlessness that comes with change and also helps the skin to adapt.

CHAMOMILE Matricaria recutita Flower Essence: An essence of compassion and cheer, Chamomile is a bright flower ally that helps strengthen the connection between mind, body, and spirit.

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Our Growing Bellies Oil can be purchased in either 1 ounce or 2 ounce bottles at our Etsy and Poppyswap Shops!

Spiders! Piles! We've RELIEF for You!

Hemorrhoids and varicosities are not, in general, fun to talk about or to experience.  Yet, hemorrhoids and varicosities are a common occurrence for many folks, so we might as well take the best care that we can of our bodies and ourselves when they are a bit out of balance and stressed.  One of the best environments for healing to take place is one of honest humor, so that is why our Spritz has such a silly name – our body feels like it is crawling with spiders and we’ve got a case of the piles!  Honest and funny all at once or at least a slightly more interesting way to talk about uncomfortable condition.  Examples follow:

“Honey, I’ve got spiders again!”

“A bit of the piles today it seems!”

Our Spiders & Piles Hemorrhoid and Varicose Veins Spritz is formulated for both preventative care as well as acute relief.  Spray it directly on the spot that needs relief or follow our instructions for creating a pad for extended acute relief.

WITCH HAZEL EXTRACT Hamamelis virginiana: A double-distilled extract, Witch Hazel is a powerful astringent with mild anesthetic properties.

WITCH HAZEL BARK Hamamelis virginiana: Astringent and mildly anesthetic, the addition of Witch Hazel Bark to our extract rounds out our Spritz.                    

ST. JOHN’S WORT Hypericum perforatum: Uplifting as well as astringent, St. John’s Wort also provides pain relief from over-extension.

COMFREY LEAF Symphytum officinale: A classic remedy for healing skin imbalances, relieving both pain and swelling.

BLACKBERRY LEAF Rubus fruticosus: Blackberry is another herb high in tannins, providing a powerful astringent remedy.

CALENDULA Calendula officinalis: Soothing and reparative, Calendula is also pain relieving.           

YARROW Achillea millefolium: Excellent anti-inflammatory, good source of tannins, and a herbal ally that will stay with you through the long-haul in treating stubborn and persistent conditions of the skin and blood.

ROSE HIP OIL Rosa canina: A wonderful skin-regenerator, Rose Hip Oil is refreshing and contains essential fatty acids as well as Vitamin E.

CYPRESS ESSENTIAL OIL Cupressus simpervirens: Cypress is useful in the treatment of swelling.

GERANIUM ESSENTIAL OIL Pelargonium graveolens: Another soothing essential oil that addresses inflammation and is particularly suited to hemorrhoids.

YLANG YLANG ESSENTIAL OIL Cananga odorata: In addition to being anti-inflammatory, Ylang Ylang helps relieve stress since we don’t need to be stressed out on top of everything else, right?

GRAPESEED OIL Vitis vinifera: Smoothing, soothing, and strengthening.           

Recommended Use: Spray afflicted area 3-4 times and, in the case of varicose veins, rub gently into the skin.  For extended hemorrhoid relief, spray onto an underwear liner & place in freezer.  Once the liner is cold, wear as needed.  Remember to be gentle, move mindfully, and love yourself.  Safe for use during pregnancy.

Our Spiders & Piles Hemorrhoid and Varicose Veins Spritz can be purchase in our Etsy or PoppySwap Shop.

Courage, Parents, Courage!

The process of bringing a new baby into the world is a process of unfolding, expansion, and great change.  Many parents experience a broad range of emotions from elation to fear, joy, uncertainty, and sadness that are all part of the very normal and quite extraordinary journey of parenthood.  Blue Skies Postpartum Courage Blend can help lend courage to the heart and strength to the mind.

For those parents in particular who are experiencing a bit of the postpartum blues, Blue Skies may help to alleviate mild issues of baby blues, anxiety, exhaustion, and the feeling of being overwhelmed with all the changes birth and baby bring.  Blue Skies pairs well with any of our Flower + Gem Essences, so please peruse those listings to see which Essence may best suit your needs.

For serious cases of Postpartum Depression, always consult with your health practitioner and find support with friends, family, and community.  Sadness is a normal human experience, but it shouldn’t have to be faced alone, so always seek help and assistance if you are feeling depressed or overwhelmed.

LEMON BALM Melissa officinalis: Uplifts the spirits through alleviating melancholy and helping new parents adjust to the changes in their lives.

BORAGE Borago officinalis: Instills courage (what parent doesn't need a bit of that?), increases milk flow if breastfeeding, relieves depression, reduces inflammation, and contains calcium and essential fatty acids.

ROSEMARY Rosmarinus officinalis: Tones the liver, has antidepressant properties and also assists with breastfeeding.

OATS Avena sativa: Nourishing to body, mind, and spirit.

SKULLCAP Scutellaria lateriflora: Soothing, anxiety relieving, and particularly strengthening to the nervous system with extended use.

Our Blue Skies Postpartum Courage Tea Blend can be purchased in our PoppySwap or Etsy Shop.

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