A Winter's Respite

La Befana

As the wheel turns to the darkest part of the year, we begin to slow down at the Apothecary.  In honor of that slowing, this will be our last blog post until just before La Befana travels throughout the land delivering her gifts.  Though, we'll be checking our email (wortsandcunning [at] gmail [dot] com) and comments every once and a while if you have very important something to say.  Also, our shop will be open until December 19th until we go on break until our little shop break until December 28th.

Before we go we would like to say "Thank you!" to everyone for making our first few months online such wonderful ones - may there be many more months of knowing and growing and gleaming!

Be well and warm and close to the ones you love this darkening season (or hot and at the beach if you're down under) and we'll meet you behind the bristles of La Befana's broom.

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