Tarot + Oracle Decks for Sale

I've listed the USD price I would ask (S+H would be additional). I'll also do a 15% discount on orders of two or more items. If you buy four or more I'll give you a 25% discount.

If you're interested in any of these decks, get in touch.

Additionally, I'm open for trades of a herbal and magickal nature (i.e. crystals, other decks, herbs). I'm always looking for plant-based tarot and oracle decks, too, but other decks I'm interested in trade for include the Modern Spellcaster's Tarot, Tarot del Fuego, and Morgan's Tarot.

If you want more than one of the items listed below, I'm happy to give you a discount. And, of course, feel free to message me (see the little envelope icon in the top corner of your screen?) if you have any questions.

Tarot Decks

Mandala Astrological Tarot Box Set - $50 - Like new, box shows some wear, and out-of-print. This square-shaped deck is a lot of fun to read with and is a fantastic reference deck if you want to learn the astrological correspondences for tarot. The accompanying guidebook is oversized and in full-color (keep scrolling to the bottom of the page if you want just a copy of the book and to see how I use it as a portable crystal grid). The cards themselves are excellent additions to any celestial magickal working as altar images and to be used as the foundation for crystal and plant grids. A really fun and unique deck - I'm happy to be able to offer this spare one from my collection.

Deva Tarot - $45 - Like new, box shows some wear, and out-of-print. This is a 93 card (!) square-shaped deck with the traditional four suits plus an additional suit and extra major arcana card. If you like funky vintage decks with a bit of a Thoth vibe, then this is the one for you.

The Slutist Tarot - $40 - Like new, never been shuffled. Amazing QTPOC inclusive and sex-positive deck. The Slutist Tarot is a mystical celebration of sex positivity that centers femmes, sexual deviants, divine whores and curious maidens. 

Mystic Meg Tarot - $20 - Like new with no box and purple edition of the guidebook. A Caroline Smith illustrated deck (her art is amazing!), the Mystic Meg Tarot is a distinctly illustrated Marseille-style deck. A great deck for folks who like clean lines, astrological correspondences on their cards, and esoteric depth.

Oracle Decks

paracelsus oracle cards

Paracelsus Oracle Cards - $75 - Like new and out-of-print. This is a 32 card deck and little white book that deserves someone who is ready to decode it's many layers of meaning. It combines geomancy, alchemical woodcuts, astrology, and sigils.


astrological mandala tarot

Astrological Mandala Tarot Book $13 - Just the book, no cards, good condition and out-of-print. This is a large sized book (8.5" x 8.5"), full color, and a great addition to your library if you want to deepen your understanding of tarot and learn more about its astrological roots. Because of its size and the quality of the images, the book can be laid open and used as a crystal grid or portable altar. Here are images of the cards which you'll find in the book. Here's an image someone has posted of the book itself.


If you're interested in any of these decks, get in touch.

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