Welcome, Luna!

Within the next 36 business hours you will be receiving your invitation to join the private learning circle of the Lunar Apothecary and be receiving your first round of study guides.  In the meantime, I invite you to contemplate the following questions as you start your starry-hearted journey:

What are you bringing on your journey?
What are you setting aside?
What do you seek to change and shift?
Who to you dream of becoming?

Write down your intentions, perhaps even creating a magickal intention-filled phrase to remind you of your commitment to yourself. You are so brave and clever, Luna, so speak the words that need to be spoken and step into the Lunar Apothecary with purpose of will and clarity of heart.

Remember - 
You are the stars laughing light.
You are the earth gently spinning.
You are the moon boldly dreaming.

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