Sliding Scale Application

Sliding Scale options are offered on a limited basis to those for whom the regular cost of a class would prove to be a hardship (instead of a sacrifice). Please read The Sliding Scale: A Tool of Economic Justice before applying to understand the difference between hardship versus sacrifice and where you land on the sliding scale. If you feel that you fall into the bottom half of the sliding scale, a sliding scale option may be available to you and I welcome you to complete the form below to begin the process of setting up a plan for you. 

Please know that I only reserve a couple of seats for each class at a reduced price and there might not be a reduced cost seat available at your time of application. I will put you on a waiting list if this happens. If you do not need to apply for a sliding scale in order to pay for your class, than I kindly request that you keep the option open to others who are in greater need. 

If you have questions about the sliding scale, please feel free to get in touch, otherwise complete the application below to be considered for a sliding scale price option.

Sliding Scale Application

Name *
I have read The Sliding Scale: A Tool of Economic Justice. *
Where I fall on the sliding scale: *
Feel free to offer any further insight into why you would like a sliding scale class price, but this step is not required and you will not be penalized for not writing something. It simply helps me to better understand your need.

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