The Winter Apothecary eBook


The Winter Apothecary eBook


Joyful Recipes for the Dark of the Year!

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Create remedies to keep you and your loved ones healthy through the winter! For less than a $1 per recipe you can create endless pots of Star of Yule Tea, soak to your heart's content in our Crescent Snow Salty Bath Tea and make gallons of our super popular Merriment Elixir! The Winter Apothecary is full of hand-drawn recipes, lots of color, and digital delights to fill your winter months with joy and brightness!

An excellent gift for the winter holidays, folks who like plants, people who have to be told that they cannot sing Christmas carols until after Samhain, Yule Log aficionados, heathens, students, new parents, old parents, wizards, people who like snow, those who dislike the cold, aspiring herbalists, and everyone in-between!

You'll get the following original, exclusive, + fully enchanted recipes: 

☛ Star of Yule Tea Blend
☛ Crescent Snow Salty Bath Tea
☛ Cantankerous Dragon Digestive Elixir
☛ Traveler Herbal Powder Blend
☛ Krampus Herbal Coffee
☛ Swedish Chai Tea Blend
☛ Merriment Elixir
☛ Red Ring of the Moon Tea Blend


☛ A guide to Flower + Gem Essences for the Winter Holidays
☛ A hidden link to a BONUS recipe!

★ Blessed Winter! ★

★ ★ ★ R E V I E W S ★ ★ ★

"So much fun and lots of great info!"

"I drank this up in less than an hour- very excited to use these beautiful recipes! Thank you so much, what an inspiration!"

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