Morning Mischief eBook

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Morning Mischief eBook


Enchanted Herbal Recipes for Delicious Awakenings + Resolute Magnificence!

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On Sale Throughout February!

Create mornings of mischief with our new fully enchanted, full-color ebook! Morning Mischief is full of herbal recipes - 25 in all! - but so much more, including:

☆ A workbook to getting your morning groove back!
☆ Inspirational mini-poster printouts (featuring unicorns + rocks + spoons + sunlight)!
☆ A guide to Tissue States - Western Herbal Energetics!
☆ Plant profiles for herbs to start your day with!
☆ Planetary recipes for aligning your stars!
☆ A guide to creating your own foundations for herbal yum!

"Amazing! Truly brilliant written work."

More than just a recipe book, Morning Mischief is a ❤ HEART ❤ book for plant folks, apothecarians, urban homesteaders, rural wonderkin, + those looking to infuse their world with the magick of herbal medicine + mystery!

Your purchase is for a LARGE - over 120 full-color pages - digital book!


☆ Acknowledgments
☆ How to Use This Book
☆ Morning Salutation
☆ Follow Your Compass : Following the Direction of Your Groove
☆ Get Mischievous! : 10 Tips for Mornings of Mirth
☆ How To Make Tea (+ Brew Up Friendship)
☆ An Introduction to Western Herbal Energetics: Tissue States
☆ Herbal Foundations: Where Herb Meets Nerd
☆ Flower + Gem Essences
☆ Awesome Aromatherapy : Essential Oil Blends for the Morning
☆ Recipes + Materia Medica
☆ The Book of Planetary Awakenings
☆ Resources
☆ About

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Purchase is for a 122 page (158MB) digital PDF ebook.
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"Amazing! Truly brilliant written work."

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"Such a lovely book, I look forward to many happy mornings because of it :)"

"Wonderful. Really valuable knowledge presented in a delightfully fun way."

"Thank you so much a wealth of information for me to enjoy! xo"

"Full of charm, magic and wonderful info!"

"This book is beautiful and a great place to start any herbalists quest for knowledge."

"beautiul !! :)"

"what a FUN well put together piece. THANK YOU. I love it."

"This book is so bright and cheery! I'm learning lots from it! Thank you so much for offering your knowledge to us."


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