The Haunted Apothecary eBook


The Haunted Apothecary eBook


Recipes for Witches, Wizards, & the Pursuit of Wellbeing!

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Our first recipe book in a new series from the Apothecary featuring some of our favorite remedies! Create remedies to keep you and your loved ones healthy during the darkening year - with a healthy dose of spooky and just a touch of fake gross to keep things interesting! For less than a $1 per recipe you can create gallons of Cauldron Polish and keep your house well stock with our WIZARD! Herbal Coffee Alternative. The Haunted Apothecary is a full of hand-drawn recipes, lots of color, and digital delights to excite both your mundane and psychic vision!

An excellent gift for students, parents, people, herbalists, folks who like plants, individuals who listen to spooky music, aspiring potion-makers, long-term communards, those who are nostalgic, and everyone in-between!

You'll get the following original, exclusive, + fully enchanted recipes: 

☛ Witch's Delight Tea Blend
☛ WIZARD! Herbal Coffee Alternative
☛ Cauldron Polish Cold Care Elixir
☛ Troll Gas Digestive Bitters
☛ Ogre Snot Syrup
☛ Dumbledore Tea Blend
☛ Zombie Bait Herbal Powder

★ Happy Hauntings! ★

★ ★ ★ R E V I E W S ★ ★ ★

"Classic Worts & Cunning wit and wisdom, rolled up into a delightfully spooky educational tomb of herbal wonders!"

"Like everything else Alexis puts together this recipe book is full of magic and smiles. I can't wait to whip up some of these goodies! Thank you!"

"Awesome as usual!"

"Looking through it look so wonderful. Hubby and I want to try the Wizard coffee substitute. Delish! Love the hand-written touch. Thank you!"

"Looking forward to creating some of the recipes thanks"

"Lovely.. Love all the the ebooks"

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