Devotion: A Workbook for Devotional Practice


Devotion: A Workbook for Devotional Practice


Devotion: A Workbook for Devotional Practice is a completely hand-written and illustrated workbook to help you discover the foundations of your most ideal and desirous devotional practice.

Purchase is for a 100 page handwritten digital zine workbook. 

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Devotion is for those who are seeking to create from scratch or re-dream their devotional practice.

Devotion is the art of building, sustaining, and remaining accountable in relationship to your self and those you seek to relate to. As an herbologist I am in relation with my plant kin. As a Witch + Pagan, I am in relation to my God/dess/es, spirits of the land, and my Ancestors. My Devotion workbook is a contribution to the ongoing conversation about devotional arts in the modern Pagan and magickal community that I have learned so much from. Thank you, clever ones.

I wrote Devotion when I was 26, but put it aside because I was uncertain if what I had to say about the art of devotion was worth sharing. I picked the project up a few years later since I was more interested in being part of the ongoing conversations about devotional arts than not and decided to publish it as a fully handwritten zine. Devotional practice has been central to my own sense of self and well-being through times of blissful joy and the grim hallows of when I struggled to recognize my own brightness.

I hope that you find strength and wonderbliss through your own devotional practice and that Devotion may be a small part of helping you connect with your compass of inner knowing.

I've created a workbook style handwritten zine for you to build the elements of your practice from asking the questions of why you're creating a devotional practice, who you're devoted to, and what enlivens your spirit. Devotion includes suggested tools and activities for your practice as well as a short resource guide for further explorations into the world of devotional arts.

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