Three Souls Sound + Remedy Session

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Three Souls Sound + Remedy Session


One-on-one sound and remedy sessions to help you find your center, reconnect to your purpose and live your magick. Price includes a 50 minute one-on-one session, flower or gem essence, herbal bath salt blend, and custom ritual. See full details below.

All sessions take place in-person at the Delta Mind Body Center in Sacramento, CA.

Once you have purchased a session we will schedule a session based on your availability.

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It’s time to call all parts of yourself home.

Burnout, stress, and a general sense of anxiousness about ourselves and a the world are all too common these days. We get distracted from our dreams, caught up in our worries, and lose touch with our inner wisdom. And that’s completely normal. Yet, we’ve forgotten in our fast-paced world is that for thousands of years it was also normal for people to seek out healing spaces for restorative treatments. Those places of healing came in a variety of forms - from sacred baths and steams to dream and sound chambers and all varieties of ancient apothecaries. And they were all good at addressing what has now become a very modern problem - chronic stress.

Chronic stress is a major contributor to inflammation and disease as well as emotional discomfort and spiritual suffering. Addressing underlying patterns of chronic stress through simple but effective tools like flower essences, sound therapy, and simple rituals that give our life meaning helps us to call home the parts of ourselves that we’ve forgotten or pushed aside.

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A Three Souls Sound & Remedy Session is for you if :

  • You’ve been feeling run down, stressed, and like you’re having trouble pulling it all together.
  • You’re feeling a lack of direction in your life.
  • You know what you want to do but feel like something is holding you back.
  • You struggle to meditate but want to be able to experience a meditative state of mind.
  • You’re seeking to imbue your life with a sense of magick.
  • You want to recharge and reconnect with your creative flow.
  • You want guidance from your ancestors, plant and stone allies on your healing journey.

As an intersectional herbalist and witch, I work with my ancestral traditions, magickal practices, and the healing gifts of of plant kindred to create personal remedies and rituals to help my clients step out of stress and into their power. Combined with the power of sound, whether chanting ogham (an ancient Irish alphabet imbued with magickal meaning) or playing singing bowls, every Three Souls Sound & Remedy Session is individualized to meet your unique healing needs so that you leave every session feeling relaxed and inspired. 

My ancestors recognized that each of us hold three souls or cauldrons of energy within us that need tending to throughout our lives. When these places of power within us are neglected, hurt, or forgotten, we begin to forget parts of ourselves that make us who we are. In our time together I’ll help you find where your energy is stuck, what soul or part of you needs some extra care, and what is ready to be released or taken back up so that you be unapologetically and joyfully you.

In a Three Souls Sound & Remedy Session I use:

Flower + Gem Essences : Essences are an old form of holistic healing that address underlying emotional and energetic imbalances that prevent us from feeling our most authentic and powerful. We’ll use essences throughout our time together and I’ll choose one for you to take home with you as you continue to manifest your healing desires.

Sound Therapy : My sound therapy practice includes the use of crystal and metal bowls as well as rattle, voice, and drum. Working with sound therapy is like experiencing all of the benefits of meditation without the effort of a meditation practice. Through a process known as entrainment, sounds help to regulate brainwave activity, bringing us out of a place of chronic stress into one of rest and emotional integration.

Ogham Singing + Divination : An ancient Irish form of communication, divination, and healing. I both cast ogham (similar to runes) and sing the sacred names as part of our healing work together.

Sacred Stones : Stones help us you hold and connect to ancestral energy - for stones are some of our eldest ancestors and ground us in the truth of who we are and the amazing gifts we have to offer the world.

Herbal Bath Salts : Herbal baths are an ancient, simple, and effective forms of healing. Since we're working with the sacred cauldrons of the body, using immersive water-based therapy enhances the healing process and is something that is easy to do at home after our time together. You’ll be leaving your session with a custom blended herbal bath to help you carry the energy of our time together into the rest of your life. 

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What to expect from a Three Souls Sound + Remedy Session

A session is 50 minutes long. We’ll begin by sitting together and I’ll ask you some questions to help us determine your intention for the session. I’ll listen and begin choosing flower and gem essences as well as stones to work with throughout the session. We’ll then begin the sound therapy portion where for 20 - 30 minutes you’ll be immersed in healing sounds. I'll be guided by your intention, the flower and stone allies that show up, as well as using the ogham to help direct sounds and move energy. After a period of sound healing, remedies will be chosen for you to go home with as well as suggested ritual practices. 

The Three Souls Sound & Remedy Sessions are multi-faceted and intersectional - just like the life you lead. After our time together you’ll be sent on your way with a series of healing remedies including: 

  • A flower or gem essence chosen specifically for you.
  • An herbal bath salt blend (this can be used as foot soak if you do not have access to a bath).
  • A custom ritual suggestion to help you work your own magick to manifest that what you desire into your life.
  • Instructions on how to use your remedies
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Three Souls Sound & Remedy Sessions are offered at $95 for a 50 minute session which includes sound healing, flower or gem essence, herbal bath salt blend, and custom ritual.

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