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Solstice Star Reading + Rite


A five card reading with a five essence card bonus and accompanying five Full Moon rituals for you to get real with your magick and celebrate your unique gifts and goals!

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I'll cast your cards with the World Spirit Tarot...

I'll cast your cards with the World Spirit Tarot...

The Solstice Star Reading + Rite is not a typical tarot experience, but a call to engage your magick. If you're not ready to commit to your magick, the Solstice Star is probably not for you. But, if you're ready to dive into to the depths of who you are now and who you are becoming, then The Solstice Star Reading + Rite is the tool for you!

How Solstice Star Works

I'll pull five cards from the Major Arcana of the World Spirit Tarot. Yup, just Major Arcana cards because you're ready for the big work of living your magick. Each card will align with an element of the Solstice Star as shown below:

  • AIR : The card of intention. The card of air looks at your goals and what it is you intend to become helping you to find clarity on your journey.

  • FIRE : The card of release. The card of fire is about releasing that which no longer serves you so that you can free up space to invite in that which you truly desire.

  • WATER : The card of dreaming. The card of water engages with your dreams helping you to dream deep and big and wild.

  • EARTH : The card of manifesting. The card of earth recommends actions you can take to develop your inherent gifts and make your dreams a reality.

  • SPIRIT : The card of weaving together. The card of spirit pulls the whole reading together, shining a light on the wisdom you need to know about yourself moving forward.

Each card will also include a question for you to consider whether through meditation, journaling or your preferred form of self-reflection. Along with the elemental cards of the Solstice Star, I will pull five additional essence cards (you can either choose the Bach Essence Cards or the Flower Essence Society Cards and can see a sampling of each below) for 10 cards total in your reading. These are essences that will support your ability to integrate the wisdom of the five elemental cards as well as alleviate stresses, emotional worries, and lack of trust in your own skills and abilities. You’ll be able to purchase these essences yourself through your local holistic food shop or online if you choose to use them. I’ll include some of my favorite online resources for finding essences as part of your PDF package.

The Solstice Star is not just a reading but it is also a ritual incorporating the insights of the cards cast into a series of rituals lasting for five cycles of the Moon or roughly five months. You’ll receive a rite for each Full Moon incorporating the wisdom of your cards along with your recommended essences and, of course, your unique magick. There will also be recommendations of simple daily exercises to keep connected with your magickal flow.

What You'll Get

On the day of the Solstice (December 21st/PST) you'll receive a PDF package with the following:

  • A 1000 word minimum analysis of your cards from a reader with 20 years of experience.
  • Five Full Moon Rituals for you to perform over a five-month period as well as information on the unique magick of the next five Full Moons based on the sign of the zodiac they'll be in.
  • Simple daily exercises to keep connected with your magickal flow.

I can't wait to read your cards and help you start your Solstice Star journey of magick!

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