Plant Ally Pep Talk Card Casting

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Plant Ally Pep Talk Card Casting


Get inspired by your plant kindred with a sweet and simple plant ally reading.

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How Plant Ally Pep Talk Works

How about a quick pep talk from your plant kindred? In the Plant Ally Pep Talk Card Casting I will cast two cards for you. The first card will be from one of my many plant-based oracles to help you connect with a plant ally who has stepped forward to work with you. The second card will be cast from my World Spirit tarot deck and will be a message from your plant ally of the pep talk variety helping to pick-you-up, inspire you, and infuse you with some love! I'll also create a short magickal word charm to invoke the wisdom of your plant ally pep talk. You can ask a specific question or simply let the plant ally speak to you!

Please note: this is not an herbal consultation, but an opportunity to connect with your plant ally on an emotional level. 

Your Plant Card Choices

You can choose from one of the following plant oracles: the Bach Essence Cards, the Flower Essence Society Cards, the Plant Ally Cards or the Tree Wisdom Cards. The first two decks are produced by the Flower Essence Society and the latter two are the creation of Lisa McLoughlin

What You'll Get

Within 5 business days of your order you will receive:

  • A 300 word minimum pdf analysis of your cards from a reader with 20 years of experience via email including images of both of your cards.
  • A magickal word charm to invoke the inspiring wisdom of your plant ally pep talk!

I can't wait to cast your cards and help you connect with your plant ally!

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