The Lunar Apothecary Lifetime Membership

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The Lunar Apothecary Lifetime Membership


Lifetime membership to the Lunar Apothecary!

For a full description of the Lunar Apothecary + it's membership benefits click here.

Payment plan options are offered on a limited basis for those whom the cost of the Lunar Apothecary would prove a hardship. Please read my thoughts on economic justice and the sliding scale before contacting me. If you feel that you fall into the bottom half of the sliding scale, a payment plan option may be available to you and I welcome you to get in touch to discuss options with me.

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The Lunar Apothecary is an in-depth and in-expensive ecourse and private online community for those ready to learn more about their own wisdom and the art of herbal medicine and magick.

Your Lunar Apothecary Membership Includes:

  • A lifetime membership in an exclusive online circle with your fellow Lunar apothecarians where I’ll be present to answer questions and offer weekly guidance.
  • Moonlight: The Lunar Apothecary Newsletter
    • A bi-monthly newsletter full of Lunar inspiration for the coming month and guidance about the current moon phase.
  • Guided Journal Exercises
  • The Mansions of the Moon Guide
    • Exploring the ancient Lunar Zodiac
  • The Celestial Wheel : The Moon + The Zodiac
    • Exploring the twelve signs of the Solar Zodiac and Lunar Herbology
  • The Lunar Compass : Nightly, Weekly, + Monthly Calendar
  • Herbal Moon Ritual / Amulet / Charm
  • Medicine-Making Tutorials:
    • The Art of Teas
    • The Art of Extracts
    • The Art of Flower, Gem, + Moon Essences
    • The Art of Lunar Dreaming
    • The Art of Lunar Aromatherapy
    • The Art of of Formulation
    • The Art of Magickal Herbalism
    • The Art of Herbal Powders
    • The Art of Ritual - a multi-part podcast series!
  • Moonrite: Creating Nightly, Weekly, and Monthly Lunar Rituals + Celebrations
    • Developing a Lunar spiritual practice for yourself and your community, including a guide for hosting Moon Tent Revivals full of herbal magick + medicine!


  • New material added regularly!
    • I regularly add new material to the Lunar Apothecary from new tutorials, recipes, projects, plant profiles, and more!
  • Guided Moon Meditations
    • Five 30 minute audio recordings of guided meditations including building your own sacred lunar space + meeting your lunar plant ally
  • Astroherbology series!
    • An in-depth exploration of medical astrology in traditional western herbalism including planet profiles, astroherbology tutorials, and new herb profiles!
  • Call-in classes and class recordings! I host a series of classes throughout the year from crafting your own personal trance elixirs to creating an inclusive herbal practice. Each recording is available to Lunar Apothecary members at any time.
  • Bi-monthly community newsletter full of astrological musings, community conversations, and remedy-making challenges!
  • eBooks:
    • All of my published and to-be-published ebooks are available for FREE to all Lunar Apothecary members.
  • Growing + Harvesting Plants by the Moon Illustrated Chart
  • Monthly Remedy-Making Challenges
  • A Guide to Seasonal Tonics
  • Guides to the Art of Divination including the Tarot and Scrying
  • All the materials from the Lunar Apothecary are yours to keep and use and love forever and ever.

By purchasing this membership, you agree:

  • To receive over $500 worth of learning material, online classes, ebooks, and more for only $297!
  • You have read and understand the membership guidelines and rules, and you understand that failure to abide by the guidelines and rules will result in suspension or removal of your Lunar Apothecary account, without warning or refund.
  • You understand that there are there are NO refunds for the Lunar Apothecary.

Please allow up to 36 business hours for confirmation of your purchase from us and to receive an invitation to join our private learning community.

*We do not define your gender - you do. The Lunar Apothecary is a womyn's-only space and if you identify as a womyn/woman/wemoon you are very, very welcome. 

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