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The Tarot Apothecary - Earliest Bird Special

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The Tarot is a living materia medica of herbal wisdom and healing insight - it's time to learn how to read it that way.

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Do you want to understand the connections between plants and the tarot in a way that you'll actually use in your practice?

In The Tarot Apothecary you'll learn about the herbs that are traditionally associated with each of the 78 cards along with my own personal correspondences, but more importantly, you'll learn how to create your own partnerships between the plants and cards.

Are you feeling uninspired by your practice and want to bring more intersectional tools to your work?

Our identities are intersectional so are magickal tools should be, too. The Tarot Apothecary was created to help you feel confident in your ability to use the ways that tarot and plants interact to bring a greater depth of healing to your life and the lives of others. Because magickal techniques are not isolated from one another but intimately intertwined, just like the many ways that you exist and identify in the world.

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Re-inspire your practice by learning how to integrate the traditions of tarot with plant medicine and magick.

The Tarot Apothecary is a self-guided ecourse of thirteen modules of theory, practicum, and sheer excitement about the tarot and herbal healing. You'll receive course material in the form of PDFs and video content, including healing profiles of each tarot card, readings to help you assess your elements strengths and where you (and your clients) need further support, useful meditations and journal prompts, and more. Of course, you'll also get insight from someone who has worked for over two decades with both tarot and herbal healing and magick. If you're thinking that this course sounds interesting but you really want one that is focused primarily on herbalism, than you should check out The Lunar Apothecary. 

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The Tarot Apothecary is just not another 101 tarot course or an intro to plant medicine and magick.

There are plenty of amazing 101 courses for both arts. The Tarot Apothecary is something different. It's for those students of tarot - whether you're just starting out or you run your own tarot business - who are familiar with the basic concepts of plant healing and magick. And if you're not too familiar with herbal healing and magick, but know that you want to learn about plant healing through tarot, there will be a resource guide for herbal newbies as part of the course.

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