Payment Plan Option

Wild-hearted Luna, I am pleased to be able to offer you a payment plan option for your Lunar Apothecary membership so that financial hardship does not prevent you from joining our starry-hearted circle. I believe that folks should not be penalized for choosing a payment plan option, so  I will take on the additional processing fees and you will not be charged any additional costs for choosing a payment plan. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please get in touch.

Payment Plan Details:

  • Your Lunar Apothecary membership cost ($297) is split into eight payments. You will pay $37.12 upon purchase and an additional $37.12 each month on the same day for seven additional months.
  • The Lunar Apothecary payment plan relies on an honor code. You are responsible for managing your payment plan and funds. Lack of payment will result in an immediate cancelation of your Lunar Apothecary membership. If you are having difficulty paying, you are responsible for getting in touch with me before your payment is due.

By purchasing this membership, you agree:

  • To complete your payment plan as agreed. Lack of payment will result in immediate cancelation of your Lunar Apothecary membership.
  • To receive over $600 worth of learning material, online classes, ebooks, and more for only $297!
  • That you have read and understand the membership guidelines and rules, and you understand that failure to abide by the guidelines and rules will result in suspension or removal of your Lunar Apothecary account, without warning or refund.
  • That you understand that there are there are NO refunds for the Lunar Apothecary.

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