Hiya, gorgeous Luna!

Ready to journey together through another beautiful year of magick and remedy-making? I'm so excited for the coming year and the adventures we will be going on together, including more course material, exclusive recipes, and a couple of surprises!

You have the option of continuing to pay only $125 for your annual membership for as long as you want to travel with us along the starry-road regardless of price increases in the years to come. Pretty darn nice, right? Your discounted $125 membership is only available if you renew your membership each year - if you skip a year or two you'll have to rejoin the Lunar Apothecary at the current increased price.

By purchasing this membership, you agree:

  • To receive over $500 worth of learning material, online classes, ebooks, and more for only $125!
  • That the Lunar Apothecary membership is a recurring, annual membership. This means that you will be automatically billed for another year of membership one year from today, unless you cancel prior to that date. Cancelation instructions are provided in your PayPal account.
  • You have read and understand the membership guidelines and rules, and you understand that failure to abide by the guidelines and rules will result in suspension or removal of your Lunar Apothecary account, without warning or refund.
  • You understand that there are there are NO refunds for the Lunar Apothecary.

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