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Reading the Cards | An Intro to Tarot

  • Redwood Community Space 2955 3rd Avenue, Suite 202 Sacramento, CA, 95817 United States (map)

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Experience Level: Beginner.

Cost: $45.

Sliding Scale Option: I have two seats available at $25 for those who qualify for the bottom half of my sliding scale. If you are interested in applying for a sliding scale option please complete this form.  

In Reading the Cards you’ll be guided through the 78 paths of tarot from the mystical structure of the tarot to the stories hidden within the images. Alexis’ approach to reading tarot cards includes both traditional techniques and modern practices, from esoteric correspondences to learning to tap into your intuitive knowing. Every student will leave with Alexis’ simple tarot study guides and easy-to-use tarot journal pages for further study and revelation.

Students should bring a tarot deck (see notes below), notebook, pen, and their curiosity. 

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Further Notes on What Deck to Bring

There are a great variety of amazing decks available to us - we're in the midst of a Tarot renaissance! For our class I recommend purchasing a deck that is based off of the imagery of Pamela Coleman Smith's deck (marketing as the Rider Waite Tarot). Smith's deck is the modern framework for most of our modern decks and learning to read a deck based off of her design will allow the student to have a great foundation for understanding most other decks they come across. Aeclectic Tarot is a fantastic online resource for those of you wanting to explore the variety of Tarot decks available for purchase. They have very helpfully created a list of Rider-Waite-Smith inspired decks and Rider-Waite-Smith clones. If you're looking for a deck that is diversity in its reflection of card characters, the World Spirit Tarot is a bit advanced for beginners, but still references Smith's original rendering. You can also bring whatever Tarot deck you love and we'll be just fine! 

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