Changeling is a new herbal zine created for those of us who dance on the edges, who emphatically affirm the magick and mystery of our practice as herbologists, and love getting nerdy over the medicinal gifts of botanical medicine. We seek and support the diverse voices of our herbal community, commit to the path of social justice and plantwork, and celebrate the abundant wisdom of the green spirit of healing immanent in all things. The purpose of Changeling is to be a vessel of exchange, where we reach out to the universe, our community, and our selves, and the universe/community/selves reaches back.

We are currently seeking a variety of submission topics for our first issue:

  • Plant profiles including folkloric, cultural, and magickal information
  • Plant stories + articles, with emphasize on the following topics:
    • Folks of color perspectives
    • Queerness
    • -Isms (classism, racism, ableism, queer/transphobia, etc.)
    • Mental health
    • Otherkin/Changeling experience
    • Ancestry + lineage
    • Otherness + wholeness
    • Ecstatic + spiritual experiences
  • Plant drawings + photos (black and white artwork only)
  • Poetry and short stories about plant medicine + magick
  • Plant rituals, charms, and devotionals
  • Zine bonus items including tea bag sample, paper art, stickers, and similar flat item bonuses that we can pack into a zine package.
  • Herbal Recipes: An ongoing series of herbal recipes for a variety of needs
  • Medical Astrology: An ongoing series on medical astrology + herbalism
  • The Apothecary: An ongoing series on the art of remedy-making (i.e. how to make tea, extracts, etc.)

Please submit all material by January 31, 2014 to be considered for our Spring 2015 issue.

Please submit all written files in a .doc or .pdf. Images should be high resolution images in either .jpeg or .png format. You can also share files with us directly via google drive by allowing permission to view your document or images.

Contributors will receive two free copies of Changeling, a profile published on the Changeling website, and our deep-rooted gratitude for sharing your stories, your art, and your fierce, fierce heart.


Blessings of thorn, tooth, & berry,


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