Winter Remedy Kits

As the year grows darker, it is especially important to nurture those inner fires of joy and gentleness. Or were they fires of passion and desire?

Maybe they were dim lights for dozing...

Never fear what fire you have that might need stoking, for we've created our line of Winter Remedy Kits to meet all your darkening year needs.  Well, maybe not all of them - we'll leave it to your parents to get you that pony you've always wanted.  So absent of a pony, we do have a special treat -  two of our Winter Remedy Kits feature our newest tea blend: Star of Yule!  Our Star of Yule blend was made to invoke the feelings of the winter with fresh notes of scent, freckled with warmth and starlight.

Star of Yule contains the following:

STAR ANISE Illicium verum: A great winter holiday remedy for all sorts of digestive complaints, including indigestion, belching, and gas.

CINNAMON Cinnamomum zeylanicum: Stimulates digestion, promotes circulation, warms the body and protects against colds and the 'flu.

LICORICE Glycyrrhiza glabra: Delightful to the taste buds, Licorice is a wonderful rejuvenate herb.

ROSEMARY Rosmarinus officinalis: A nervous system toner, Rosemary is also warming and uplifting.  Promotes clear thinking ("Rosemary for rememberance!") and protects against infection.

LEMONGRASS Cymbopogon citratus: Great for stomachaches, headaches, and promoting relaxation.

JASMINE Jasminum sambac: Uplifting, pain relieving, and an aphrodisiac.

PEPPERMINT Mentha piperita: Another great remedy for digestive complaints, Peppermint protects against colds and the 'flu.  Adds a "pick-me-up" perk to our blend without being overstimulating.

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Our Days of Dreaming Remedy Kit includes one ounce each of A General Sense of Wellbeing, Flower Song, and Bliss Blend.  A General Sense of Wellbeing to carry you through the morning with a crown of cool atop your head.  In the afternoon Flower Song will be your "tune" between meals, chores, and family greetings.  When the evening settles in Bliss Blend shall be your friend, gently guiding you towards dreams.

Nights of Glowing includes one ounce of Star of Yule, Ambrosia, and Flower Song.  The Star of Yule sits high in the sky, reminding us of the pleasures of darkness and the promise of returning light.  Flower Song is the bright bouquet enticing friends and family to settle in to quiet moments together.  Ambrosia is the promise of each star shining in the night that we are loved and adored and all is just right.

Star of Health includes one ounce each of Star of Yule, Flower Song, Ambrosia, Super!Love!Rainbows!Go! Herbal Powder, and your choice of Flower Essence.  With the Star of Yule to shine upon us, Flower Song to brighten our mood, and Ambrosia to enliven our hearts, you'll be a beacon of brightness this holiday season.  To further strengthen your powers of joy we've included a vial of Super!Rainbows!Love!Go! Herbal Powder to make sure you've got a steady source of holiday high-fives.  A Flower + Gem Essence of your choosing rounds out your remedy kit, promoting the alignment of that remarkable mind, body, spirit known as you.

All of our Winter Remedy Kits are available in our S H O P!

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