The Witches Yuletide Ball

In an effort to write more about the things we love (namely herbs, teas and enchantment) and meet other inspired folks out on the webbed-net, we are taking part in The Witches Yuletide Ball hosted by the bloggers over at On the Broomstick and The Witch of Howling Creek.  Our post will be featured at On the Broomstick on December 10th and we'll be sharing what we love about Yule as well as tea and its charm.

What are some of your favorite activities, teas or memories during the winter season?

One of the favorite activities in the Apothecary around Yule is an abundant amount of thrifted, bizarre and glittering Yuletide decorations.  One of our favorite ornaments is a picture painted on a bit of slate of a rather startled-looking snowman dressed up as a moose.  Ah, the memories...  We miss you, Maine!

EDIT: Read the Blog and enter a chance to win our Star of Yule Tea Blend here!

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