The Tricky Tea Leaf is on the move...


Jingle-jangle, tippy-tumble, rolling-rumble, the Tricky Tea Leaf Traveling Tea Party has come to town!

The Tricky Tea Leaf Traveling Tea Party is a monthly membership club of great renown!* Each month, Members receive a 3 ounce bag of loose leaf tea. Some months you will receive one of our more popular teas and other times you will receive a tea that has yet to be offered in our Apothecary. We currently carry 18 different varieties of gorgeous, good-for-you tea! Our Members also receive a 10% discount (already applied to purchase price) and a 15% discount coupon for future purchases. Shipping and handling is also already included in the purchase price.

Visit our Etsy Shop or Poppy Swap Store for more details.

*As rated in the Unicorn Quarterly of Tea-Drinking Aesthetics.

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