The Magical Herbs of Harry Potter : Pottermore Apothecary

Diagon Alley of Pottermore

You may have noticed that around the Apothecary, mundanity is taken on faith, while magic is all very real.  Continuing in our exploration of the magic of herbs (see our first post on the Magical Herbs of Harry Potter here), we now take a visit of Diagon Alley in the virtual world of Pottermore to peruse the shelves of the local apothecary.   In addition to Unicorn Hair and Horklump Juice you'll find a few more familiar but just as mystical and powerful herbs such as Valerian Sprigs and Infusion of Wormwood.

So just what do these herbs do?

Sprig of Lavender (Lavandula officinalis): As written in Pottermore, Lavender is a calming herb and would do well in potions, teas, and bath brews to bring on a state of relaxation.  Lavender is useful in alleviating stress and melancholy.  At Midsummer, the longest day of the year, sprigs of Lavender are tossed into bonfires to promote fertility, abundance, and good will amongst neighbors.  A very pleasing herb to keep around!

Infusion of Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium): Wormwood is an herb to be used with great care.  It brings on the gift of prophecy and is especially able to aid those who would know their true love.  Medicinally, Wormwood is often used as a digestive bitter, stimulating the bile of the gall bladder.  It is stimulating to the brain with its thujone content and high doses of the herb are quite toxic, so great care, clever ones!

The Potions Room in Pottermore

Bezoar: An old English remedy with its roots stretching back to Persia and beyond, the Bezoar is a peculiar bit of medicine.  Made from condensed fiber and hair consumed by cud-chewing animals (such as goats and cows), the Bezoar is "stone" formed by this vegetal matter in the stomach of said animal.  Once considered to be a cure against all poisons, Bezoars are still used today in some traditions of herbal medicine for reducing tension, high blood pressure, and overall improvement of health.

Part two of the Magical Herbs of Harry Potter : Pottermore Apothecary coming soon!

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