Tea to soothe, to calm, to sing a song...

When I was working at a local café here in Portland, I had the opportunity to create custom teas for our customers.  In the process of creating blends for the café, I asked many of our customers not only what kind of teas they liked, but why they drank tea.  Many responses included drinking tea because it was “soothing" and “de-stressing," as well as a time to be still and mindful.  Sounds pretty good to me! I know I enjoy walking into a café, a friend’s kitchen or backyard and having the opportunity to sit down with a cuppa.  It’s not only the tea that centers me but also the environment I’m in, the way the tea is served, its scent, color, and, of course, its taste.  I love especially seeing the tea before it is brewed and I often choose teas by sight, attracted to its particular colors and texture.  Beauty, in its multitude of manifestations, soothes the soul, and with that in mind I created Flower Song as a tea that inhabits the realm of beauty quite comfortably.

An uplifting yet calming blend that sings directly to the soul, Flower Song promotes circulation, digestion, and relieves stress, nervousness, and anxiety while opening the heart to gentleness.  A delicate tea with soft flavor and a light amber color, Flower Song can be enjoyed morning, noon, and night.

Flower Song, as its name implies, is made entirely of flowers giving it an especially ethereal quality that we often encounter when venturing into the realm of flowers.  The following flowers are used in the blend:

CALENDULA Calendula officinalis: A wonderfully healing herb, Calendula is antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, eases indigestion, and strengthens the body’s restorative processes.

CHAMOMILE Matricaria recutita: Nervine that directly addresses feelings of irritability and anxiety.  Calming to the stomach, Chamomile is especially useful after meals.

LAVENDER Lavandula officinalis: Treats exhaustion, headaches, and unease.  Helps the body, mind, and spirit to settle and relax.

JASMINE Jasminum officinale: Restores self-confidence and relieves depression.

ROSE Rosa damascena: A lovely, calming tonic that opens the heart.

RED CLOVER Trifolium pratense: Purifying the blood and lymph nodes, Red Clover helps clear the body of congestion.

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