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Trance Dance: Limited Edition Remedies for Betwixt + Between

Spring! Hurray! 

Do you ever get dizzy off the sudden drenching fragrance that hits the air, carried by wild March winds down alleys and riversides, across park benches and through open windows? I sure do! In addition to ambitious garden plans, a few new books, and expanding the Lunar Apothecary into a year-long program, I've fallen in love with creating limited edition remedies! We have two new remedies in the shop that include some of my favorite trance-inducing plants. 



is moon-blessed and THRICE-ENCHANTED, acting as an agent of adventure to worlds betwixt and between. Created with traditional herbs of the HEDGERIDERS. A chance to trance in every drop! 

hedgerider sacred trance oil


was brewed according to LUNAR + STELLAR energies, blessed + tested by dancers of the trance, + bottled with sorcerous song. Use to induce FLIGHTS OF THE SPIRIT + journeys of the hedge + hallow.


Both are available individually or together as our TRANCE DANCE Remedy Kit! Once we sell out we will not be creating another batch for sale - these are magickal, get-them-before-they're-gone remedies.

Visit our shop to purchase your own fully enchanted remedies.


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