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We're Having A Sale!

Guess what, lucky greenhearts?!

We're having a sale because it's about time and more importantly because of a

blue bike

. My partner and big-hearted love is an 

amazing midwife

 who serves a diverse range of gorgeous families, committed to protecting the sacredness of their journeys, and fiercely practicing birthwork that is inclusive and empowering. In her commitment to reduce her carbon footprint, model healthy ways of movement, and having a lot of fun, she had saved up for and finally invested in a

blue bike

from a nearby shop to take her to her local appointments, the farmer's market, and wherever else her wild heart wanted to go. 

Her beautiful bike, less than a week after she brought it home, was stolen from our backyard.

We have tea blends for the visitations of the 

blah beast

 and even a 

brew for thievery

, but the truth is that a beautiful

blue bike

is gone and our neighborhood midwife is a little sadder for it.Now, 

she doesn't know it yet,

 but I want to buy her another beautiful

blue bike

before the summer is up! So every one of your purchases this summer goes towards a new

blue bike

for the neighborhood midwife!

We'll have another 

blue bike

 sale and celebration when our goal is reached! Thank you, clever friends, in advanced for all of your support and generosity!

In wild community,

P.S. And now for a terrible joke! What happened when a red ship crashed into a blue ship? The crew was marooned!

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