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Let's Talk About Rainbows

Teas are very important in the Worts & Cunning Apothecary household.  Our tea kettle is  an abundantly used tool in our home and tea pots and tea kettles are found on shelves about our kitchen.  And tables.  And the floor.  And in the hands of clever tea drinkers.  Yet, there is another concoction that plays as important role in the health and happiness of our household: the herbal powder.

Herbal powders, while not as widely used in the current herbal market when compared to teas or tinctures, are an effective and easy way to use herbs daily.  I mix herbal powders into smoothies, juices, dressings, sauces, and have on more than one occasion just taken a spoonful directly (which sometimes resulted in a cough and an herbal powder cloud which leads to laughter and general states of silliness).  I love herbal powders when on the road because they can be easier to take than tea (there is not always a roadside kettle to employ) because they can require nothing further than a bit of water to mix them with.

I take an herbal powder daily and usually mix it with beautiful whole foods like spirulina, dried and powdered fruit like blueberries, and cacao.  Powders are absorbed quickly in the body and I like ingesting the whole herb, which herbal powders, unlike teas and tinctures, allow you to do.  They are also easily encapsulated for those folks who are more inclined to the ease of ingesting capsules.

So when, you might be asking yourself, are we going to talk rainbows?  Right now, my friends!   When creating this herbal powder I wanted to name it something that described its powers and so SUPER! RAINBOWS! LOVE! GO! Powder came to be.  It is an herbal powder like none other and its ability to make you smile starts with its title.  Made to be enjoyed on a daily basis in juices, smoothies, mixed into food or with a bit of water the herbs of this blend are restorative, adaptogenic, and tonifying to mind, body, and spirit.  It makes me feel full of rainbow energy goodness which might explain my love of wearing day-glo colors in wild patterns.  Results vary!

HE SHOU WU Polygonum multiflorum: Said to turn grey hair black and restore vitality to the body, He Shou Wu, stimulates liver, gall bladder, kidney, and intestinal function, increases libido, and lowers cholesteral. Current research is being done to explore He Shou Wu’s benefits for treating folks with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and impaired cerebral circulation.

SPIRULINA Arthrospira platensis: High in amino acids, Spirulina is a complete protein, as well as containing lots of iron and multiple vitamins and minerals (vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, E, and K).  Packed full of antioxidants, Spirulina is also anti-viral and immune-boosting.

ELEUTHERO Eleutherococcus senticosus: Addresses fatigue, stress, indigestion, and enlivens without overstimulating.  As a nervine, Eleuthero improves quality of sleep.  Strengthens the immune system, improves alertness, and supports moments of brilliance.

KELP Ascophyllum nodosum: Neutralizes free radicals, purifies the blood, detoxifies body tissues of heavy metals and radioactive agents, immunostimulating, and calming.  Reminds us to be mindful of all the water we carry in our beautiful bodies.

ASTRAGALUS Astragalus membranaceaus: Spleen tonic, enhances the immune system, relieves fatigue, strengthens the lungs, prevents colds, and has tumor-inhibiting properties.

NETTLE Urtica dioica: Nutrient rich, Nettles will give your skin, hair and nails a gorgeous glow.  A very nourishing nervine tonic.

GOTU KOLA* Centella asiatica: For the brain!  Enhances energy and concentration while reducing mental fatigue, irritability, and anxiety.

SACRED BASIL Ocimum sanctum: Known as Tulsi or Tulasi in her native India, Sacred Basil is a powerful adaptogenic herb, promoting health and long life.  Sacred Basil helps to balance the body’s energy systems, is immunomodulating, an antidepressant, antibacterial, and antiviral.

Find SUPER! RAINBOWS! LOVE! GO! Powder in our S H O P!

* Use with caution during pregnancy because of Gotu Kola which is inconsistently contraindicated for pregnancy.  As with every product you use in and on your body, I encourage you to do research and make an informed choice in regards to your health and wellbeing.

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