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At the Farmer's Market

This past Wednesday I went to the Farmer's Market at Monument Square in downtown Portland and set up a small, open air shop.  I got up nice and early - the morning was chilly, but the sun warm.

I had samples of Witch's Delight (which flew away quite fast!) and teas to shake and smell.

My herbal powders were quite popular.  Who doesn't love a high five?

We also offered a special "Quarter for a Cuppa" which was by far the most popular buy on the table.  Folks like mixing and matching - especially since its like a tea vending machine.  An old-fashioned, no gears or slot for the money vending machine, but you know what I mean.

I was feeling pretty proud in this early morning shot of my wee table shop.  There is definitely a bit of my six-year-old-self peeking out in this photo - the one making brews in a bucket in her backyard in hopes of concocting an enchanted potion.  Still concocting and making potions!  You can see Bloody Show's red birth bag peeking out from beneath the table - she helped me set up before she headed out to school.

The Farmer's Market was a great success and W&C will be back next Wednesday with more hot tea samples and herbal conversation - hope to see you there!

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