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The Magical Herbs of Harry Potter

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There is no lack of love for Harry Potter at the Apothecary and with the first of the two last movies coming out this week, we thought we would explore the herbal side of Harry Potter world.  Making potions is a common activity amongst the students at Hogwarts (with some being more talented than others) and there are many unusual ingredients in their brews - but many are quite mundane!

LOVAGE Levisticum officinale is used at Hogwarts to create the Confusing & Befuddlement Draught and said to be "most efficacious in the inflaming of the brain."  In our mundane world, Lovage is used in treatments for allergies (because of its quercetin content), indigestion, colic, and as an emmenagogue.

FLUXWEED Isanthus brachiatus is an ingredient in the powerful Polyjuice Potion at Hogwarts.  In the muggle world, Fluxweed is also known as False Pennyroyal and is endangered in the United States.  Topically, Fluxweed is said to heal wounds and knit bones, while internally taken it relieves a person of the "flux of the belly."

DITTANY Organum dictammus is found in the Wiggenweld Potion said to waken those who dwell in an enchanted sleep.  Considered healing to the stomach, Dittany is also said to be an aphrodisiac.

MANDRAKE Atropa mandragora are used as a cure for those who have been Petrified in the halls of Hogwarts.  Medicinally Mandrake is sometimes used topically to treat genital worts and when taken internally can cause vomiting.  An herb to be treated respectfully and with caution, indeed!

ASPHODEL Asphodelus Ramosus is used in the Draught of Living Death to induce incredibly powerful states of magical sleep.  Otherwise, Asphodel is an antispasmodic herb, that is warming to the body and also a diuretic.

GINGER Zingiber officinale is a prime ingredient in the Wit Sharpening Potion and one of our favorite herbs at the Apothecary.  A wonderful herb for nausea and morning sickness, Ginger settles the stomach, warms the body, soothes aching joints, and gives a zing to your step.  Magical!

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We hope you've enjoyed our quick look at some of the magical herbs found in the world of Harry Potter and that you are inspired to make some potions of your own.  Check out our posts on Making Tea, Making Medicinal Tea, and Making Medicinal Vinegars for further inspiration!

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