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Six years! Heck yeah!

It's the six year anniversary of Worts + Cunning Apothecary!

I started my business out of a closet (not a walk-in closet, mind you) of the studio apartment that I lived in with my hot pants lover in the lovely city of Portland, ME six years ago. Since then, I've been selling tea, teaching classes, and serving good folks like you in four states and multiple cities throughout the United States - most recent, of course, being my most recent move to the lovely city of Sacramento.

In the magick of Tarot, the number six represents an initiation of maturation. An initial idea has grown up and begun to take on a life of its own that couldn't have been predicted. While I've always had a vision of the Apothecary that has guided me since day one, where I was going to be guided to exactly and how I was going to get there has always been a bit mysterious. But, heck, that's the fun part!

I want to say THANK YOU for your support! You've all made this journey pretty amazing and I am continuously inspired by the connections I've made through the work of the Apothecary. From card-slingers to quick-witted curanderas to radical plantfolk dancing the revolution, it has been a true joy to be circled in magick with you. I am so grateful for your gifts and the unique wisdom that you bring to the world.


So, clever ones, please enjoy 15% off your purchases until June 27 with the coupon code "SIXYEARSALE." In addition to my usual offerings, I've posted a new tarot reading offer that is only available to reserve today!


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