Sweeten Up: How to Make Simple Syrups


Honey is wonderful medicine.  Antibacterial and antiseptic, honey has been used for thousands of years as good medicine.  In addition to its own powerful healing properites, honey is an excellent medium for delivering other healing herbs into our bodies.  Besides taking honey daily in teas or straight for the spoon,  we can create simple syrups out of honey and medicinal vinegars.

To make a simple syrup, you will need only a few items.   A bowl to mix in, a spoon to mix with, measuring implements (if you like, but not always necessary) will be helpful.  Make sure to choose raw and unfiltered honey for your simple syrup.  Raw and unfiltered honey contains the vital enzymes, propolis, pollen, and essential vitamins and minerals.  You will also need some raw apple cider vinegar that may or may not have been prepared as a medicinal vinegar.

Raw apple cider vinegar on its own, as has been discussed before, is great for your health.  It is not always the most palatable for some folks taste buds, especially the young and the picky.  Combining medicinal vinegars with honey is a great solution.

The ratio of honey to vinegar in our simple syrups is largely dependent on how sweet you want your syrup.  Generally, one part honey to two parts vinegar produces a not overly sweet, but still satisfying syrup.  Reverse the ratio if you want a sweeter, thicker syrup.

Mix the honey and vinegar together.  At this point you might want to sing a song thanking the bees and apples for the hard work they put into creating such beautiful food medicine.

Now you'll have a lovely syrup!  What is great about simple syrups of honey and vinegar is that they have a long shelf-life and don't need to be refrigerated (though, like most herbal medicines, should be kept in cool place).

What sort of syrup shall you make?  Try  making your very own Four Thieves Vinegar simple syrup!  You can also try making simple syrups with our Amazon Brew and TOUGH AS NAILS Iron Brew.  Experiment and enjoy!

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