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I have been reading the beautiful and inspiring SouleMama blog by the incredible Amanda Soule for a few years and I am continuously inspired by her values and vision of her family life in beautiful Maine.  Part of what has kept me reading her blog for so long is that her life seemed so incredibly exotic compared to my own upbringing - growing up in the metropolis of Tokyo and the southlands of L.A. is a bit different than the openness of the ever-greening Northeast Kingdom.  I continue to read her blog and having now lived for a while in Maine, it reads less as a well-written and culturally-sensitive ethnography and more of a Materia Medica of plants that might not live directly in my bioregion but I've met before in my travels - acquaintances with the possibility of a deeper friendship.

Living in Portland, ME for nearly two years, I found myself in the same places SouleMama was featuring on her blog, and even saw her with her family at a restaurant (I was star-struck to say the least).  So, in an effort to blog more consistently about the life and work of the clever Apothecary I inhabit, I am taking inspiration from SouleMama and beginning a weekly ritual of a "Right Now" blog post.

Right now, I am...

:: thinking about Slipper Elm Ulmus pumila and is mucilaginous-ly nurturing qualities.

:: wearing animal print boots that remind me of childhood quilts made by my talented mum.

:: considering opening a second shop on Etsy of a more magickal persuasion.

:: hoping that business continues to pick up and I can sustainably to support our family through service to plants and people.

:: loving the folks I've met so far through our brick-and-mortar shop.

:: laughing at a puppy who has such joy for life.

:: enjoying having a private space to work and think and pace and dance over and over again.

:: smiling at the thought of an evening with the A-babe and reading her stories about bees and puppies.

:: deciding what plant to study for the next Clever Hedgehog School of Herbology.

:: feeling the difficulty I am sure many herbalists feel when having to choose just one plant.

:: readying myself for a busy-quiet weekend with the pup while the household attends the MANA conference.

:: brewing some Slippery Elm oil.

:: considering preparing a Slippery Elm honey as well.

:: working on my flow as we move from late winter to early spring.

:: watching a cloudy dessert sky promise rain and hoping that we get a good soak.

:: listening to I Blame Coco who sounds a lot like her father.

:: remembering to breath and stick to the rhythm that sustains my bitty soul and not the linear march of the end of the month and its many financial responsibilities.

:: feeling grateful that there are so many herbal folks sharing wisdom on the digital web o' wonder.

:: wanting to spend the next few days reading continuously and writing, but a few hours here and there will do.

:: wishing everyone a really beautiful weekend full of good company and quiet moments.

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